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Shall I Update My Account to British Pound Sterling Earnings?

Local currency reports has been available for U.K. publishers for a while, it is currently optional, shall I click that button and update to pound sterling, or keep waiting until it become required in the future?

There are some changes of the terms and conditions, one of these is:

"The party that publishers are contracting with changes from Google Inc. to Google Ireland Limited."

The payment threshold will change to pound sterling, it says in the TOS that "payment due to You is greater than £60, payments to You shall be sent by Google within approximately thirty (30) days after the end of each calendar month",

About the VAT, it says:

You shall pay all applicable taxes or charges imposed by any government entity in connection with Your participation in the Programme. Google will not issue any VAT refunds to You.
In this post, Inside Adsense Team says:

"While you may receive your payments in your local currency, all payments are being made by Google Ireland, a company incorporated under the laws of Ireland, in accordance with the terms of your agreement with Google. Unless your business is in Ireland, you should not have an obligation to charge Google VAT or treat any of our payment to you as VAT that needs to be paid to any VAT authorities. If your billing address is located in Ireland, you may have an obligation to charge Google Irish VAT. Please speak to your local tax adviser if you have further questions."

Do I need to update my tax information if I changed to local currency?

There are un-answered issues, such as this: "Will I miss a payment because of changing currency reporting?":
I accepted the new adsense change to provide £ sterling currency reporting on my account but I am worried that my next monthly payment isn't going to be paid as is states on the site that "Any remaining US Dollar balance will be automatically transferred to your British Pound Sterling balance between the 12th and 15th day of the month". My reporting was changed on the 15th June and it hasn't been transferred so does that mean I will have to wait till next month for it to be transferred and get paid for 2 months instead of 1.


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