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Default BB ringtones missing?

After I finished the security wiping, my default BB ringtones are missing. On the BB support forum, people suggest to download these ringtones from BB website, but it seems to be unsuccessful.

I connect my phone to my computer to update the core application in the Blackberry Desktop Software, then the problem solved.


ringtones said…
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Unknown said…
I also love to set the ringtone for the phone. I usually download free ringtones at web sites. The ringtone I love right now is Bazzi – Mine
Jade said…
Download Almost Love - Sabrina Carpenter ringtone free for mobile with highest quality
Kumar Abelard said…
The world famous brand, Klingeltonekostenlos, is releasing the latest mp3 ringtones and is suitable for mobile devices. If you have the same ringtone preference, go here and use it:

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