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0 impressions but has 2 clicks

One guy has a most odd situation, he has a channel has zero impressions but has 2 clicks? And the earnings only $0.02 ! How can this be happenning? Adsense record impressions and clicks everyday, and starts new record the next day. All yesterdays' records were cleared and start new one at midnight. Lets say someone enters your site at 11:59PM, that gives you an impression for the last day, they look around, and click on an add at 12:01 AM. that gives you a click that will show no impressions for that day (the new day).

Google to layoff 300 DoubleClick employees

Internet search giant Google announced its largest layoff , saying it will cut 300 of DoubleClick's 1,200 employees, the online advertising company it acquired last month for 3.2 billion dollars. Google's purchase of DoubleClick is intended to boost its revenue through ads that include pictures and video . With DoubleClick, Google now has the leading display ad platform , which will enable google to rapidly bring to market advances in technology.