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Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger

Now I believe that I have understood at least these things about Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger: 1. Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger, or the 'Advertise products' Gadget is powered by Google Affiliate Network, we may say this is a ready-made version specially for Blogger users, so you don't need to request to join individual advertiser, and waiting for approval. 2. Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger is now eligible for UK publishers. 3. Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger hasn't got many advertisers 'On Board'. 4. Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger Gadget search and match advertise products by KEYWORD. 5. If you type some ILLEGAL (such as a two words with a dash between) keywords to search, the gadget will freeze, and an error window pops up like this: And I also tried some words like 'kindle', it freeze too. You need to reload the page to use the gadget again. 6. View Dashboard link will not appear under the until you publish at least one adv

Blackberry content rating

When I try to download Foursqure App for Blackberry, I received this message, and couldn't download: BlackBerry Support Community Forums : "1 of your download(s) has a higher content rating than your device permits higher content rating than your device permits" This question hasn't been answered in the above-quoted forum, but a Blackberry help blog post gives detailed explanation and warning for how to set up contents ratings. One thing to be repeated here is that you'd better not lock the setting after enabling it with a four-digit security code, because if you forget the password, there is no way to reset it, the only way is by performing a security wipe out of your smartphone.