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HubPages Ad Program and Adsense

Since HubPage Ad Program became available to everyone, my Adsense revenue dropped drastically, then without choice, I submit my tax information and joined the Program, its earning seems OK, but Adsense earning gradually dried up. Adsense pay out UK Sterling (pound £) into my bank account, but Hubpage will pay me dollars to Paypal, and the real value of earnings will be affected by exchange rate and service charge by Paypal during additional steps of transferring fund to my bank account. Any Hubbers here have same experience?

Submit a comment to Google Blogger three times then it can be published

I have a strange experiences in one blog on, every time  I submit my comment anonymously, I have click the Post Comment button three times, then my comment will be published and appeared on under the post. I wonder if anybody has same experience as mine, and I guess this may be an undeclared anti-spam technique or  some smart trick?