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Problems with Installing Joomlaspan Adsense ClickSafe Module

As a new users of Joomla, I find template module positions confusing and very frustrating. Although by default we get a large number of module positions (we can check out this by going to "go to Site > Template Manager > Module Positions"), however, when modules are assigned to these positions the modules are not shown. This happened to me when I tried to install Joomla adsense clicksafe extension module, it's very strange and confusing, and frustrating, too. I assigned the Joomlaspan Adsense Clicksafe module to the left position after I successfully installed it, the ads showed up, but nothing was shown on other positions, header,right,bottom,etc, nothing. Many weeks passed, I played with this extension again last night, I wondered that if it was the problem of the template, I used archzone template, which was a very simple design. What if the module does not automatically show up in a particular template when I haven't got these positions available in my pa

Google blog search or website search?

Google default search is website search, you also have blogs, groups, books search, etc., I wonder if Google search returns result separately, either from website or blogs. People normally won't bother specifying blogs search if he/she gets good results from website search. At least, I have been doing so. What does this mean to bloggers. Only recently did I realize that I couldn't get my blogspot posts showed up on the first page of Google default search results. When people specifies blogs search, my posts have chance to show up on the first page. Will this affect your traffic? Do I need to think about moving my blogger blog to a website? How about Wordpress? Many people ask that which one is better, Joomla or Wordpress? Joomla is designed for a website, but Wordpress is primarily for blog. Does the choice of a content management system itself has already determined your site SEO result?

How to blog

Blogs are certainly nothing new. They started to gain traction around 2003-2004, and have been increasing in popularity ever since. Here some tips for new blogger. Find a blog provider . Wordpress and Blogger are the two most popular blog providers, and they are both free to use. Find a theme or topic and stick to it. You want to stay focused on a specific topic, so your readers know what to expect. This helps to create a loyal fan base. Reach out to everyone you know. You have to start somewhere, and people you know are going to be the most receptive to reading what you're writing about. If you write about interesting topics they will forward it to their friends, and hopefully the chain will continue. You can also do things like put your blog URL in your email signature. Think about your readers. Ask yourself: "Why would anyone want to read my blog?". If you can't answer that question, then you may need to find a new theme or collection of topics. Although your f

Page impressions, Ad Unit impressions, and Individual Ad impressions

How to increase your revenue with same page views? 1. More Ad Units Page impressions happen every time a user views a page displaying Google ads. In Adsense report only one page impression will be counted no matter how many Google ads are displayed on a page. So more ad units can display more ads which can increase your potential earning. Google allows one video units, 2 link units, 3 ad units on one page. Ad unit or link unit impressions are reported every time a user views a Google ad unit or link unit on your page. 2. Using bigger or wider units or more links in link units Use some of wider units, such as the 160x600 wide skyscraper, the 300x250 medium rectangle, or the 728x90 leaderboard, because more those ad units have more space to display individual ads. Individual ad impressions or link impressions show an impression for each individual ad that's shown in any ad unit.