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Showing posts from October, 2011

Ubuntu mouse freeze

My Ubuntu freezes my mouse when I'm typing Chinese, and this makes me believe that Chinese Input Method Editor causes this problem. But when I searched for answers, there seem to be many reports of this problem. This morning, I was interrupted by a telephone call when my mouse freezes again, when I return back to my computer, the mouse has already became normal. Next time it happens, I just ignore it, it turns to normal again in couple of seconds.

New BloggerTemplates: Dynamic views

I have spent hours to customise my blog tonight, but when I almost felt satisfied with the result, I noticed there are new series of  templates called Dynamic Views. I can't help trying them out. They looks awesome. But the blog readers might have not  been familiar with these types of browsing methods.

Update Vosao to Version 0.9

Vosao for App Engine is the Content Management System (CMS) for Google App Engine, easy to install and update, and free to run. This CMS is currently in active developing and update frequently, seems very promising. Vosao latest version has a default template Coolblue10 for you, so it now looks like a "REAL" website. Steps to install: Download App Engine SDK for Java, if you don't have Java installed, you shall download and install it first. Download Vosao and extract to local folder. Find the file WEB-INF/appengine-web.xml and change the application name to your appspot application name.  Upload the CMS application by issuing the GAE SDK command line:  (Linux) $ {SDK bin directory} update {unpacked war directory}  ( Windows) ; {SDK bin directory}appcfg.cmd update {unpacked war directory>} Beware that the admin login is, and password is admin. Do remember to change you password.

Fofou: Forum on Google App Engine

A simple and very nice forum for App Engine , simple to install and free to run. Steps to install: Download python and install it. Download App Engine SDK for python and install it. Download the Fofou, and extract it to a folder, and edit app.yaml, change the application name to your App name. Run SDK. File --> Add Existing Application. Click Deploy button. You will be prompted to input your email address and password. Login to your forum as admin, create the first forum. Now here is the trick for Adsense. When you create a forum, you add Adsense code to the Sidebar, for Sidebar is displayed in the left column. HTML allowed.