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Browser and Adsense targeting

Will browser affect Google Adsense targeting? Different browser may display different ads, with one more relevant, the other not? I get this idea because my Chinese language site , when I use Chrome to browse this site, I only get ads in English, but when I change to IE, the Adsense ads change to Chinese! We may say that to display Chinese ads in a Chinese website is more relevant and targeted than to display English ads in a Chinese website. I haven't tried out in Firefox and other browsers.

Comments, Trackbacks, Pingbacks, and backlinks

I learned something new about trackbacks, pingbacks, and backlinks, but I am still quite puzzled by these. Trackback can be faked, and encourages spamming. Pingbacks support auto-discovery where the software automatically finds out the links in a post, and automatically tries to pingback those URLs, while trackbacks must be done manually by entering the trackback URL that the trackback should be sent to, and do not send any content as trackback does an excerpt to original post. One notable blogging service that does not support trackback is Blogger. Instead, Blogger provides "backlinks", which allow users to employ Google's search infrastructure to show links between blog entries. Which may mean  a lot of delay to find out the links if other website are not indexed quickly by Google search engine, there will not be "immediate effect", it will be "long term" to get the backlinks to show up into you comments area. Is my understanding of trackback, p

Google Page Creator to Sites migration

Google has stopped to accept signning up since last August, and " Creator and your pages will automatically be transitioned to Google Sites later this year." But its January, and GPC hasn't been transformed to GS. What's happening? Although I daresay that I'm not exactly looking forward to the transition, and am kept waiting for implementing Adsense in Google sites, and if my Pages in GPC are to be transferred to GS, I don't know what a mess will they become. Latest answer about the transferring is from Mike, "we'll be announcing the Page Creator to Sites migration sometime in the near future, (no, we still don't know when, so please don't ask). We're taking our time with the latter to ensure it goes as smoothly as it possibly can for everyone. " Here is my site:

Google preparing a counterattack against Microsoft

Google Chrome was designed to take on Industry leading Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and also one time Google web allies Mozilla ( Goodbye Mozilla). With chrome Google has just declared war not just on Microsoft but also to the Mozilla folks. Google is known to support open source community and Mozilla is one of those but the games has changed Google got no choice but to drop Mozilla.The competition has just started to get hotter. I like Chrome, but I can't read my hotmail, and edit my hubpage, and have troubles with many other websites in Chrome, If Google want win the battle, they have to do a lot more works. Might be this Google octopus has developed too much tentacles, it already become as ugly as giant crocodile Microsoft. Google preparing a counterattack against Microsoft

Will Facebook embrace Google AdSense

They have been rumor on the web that the leading Search Company Google has been working inside Facebook . There have been reports that the Search Company has been busy filling ad inventory on Facebook site and according to the reports things have been going well. Will Facebook embrace Facebook AdSense? The Google advertising works inside Facebook is not a joke, it is real and reports have been confirmed.

Non-English blogger post url

When we publish a post the first time, Blogger take the post title as post URL, that's permalink, Blogger, after publishing a post, changing either the post title or the date or both,  will not change the post URL. I use Chinese in one of my blogs, blogger just use post numbers as blog post url, such as "2009/01/blog-post_07.html", year/month/post-number, in this case it's the seventh post in January, 2009.  This happens to Japanese blogs, too.  Blogger use 'blog-post_XX.html' as Japanese post URL, XX is the number of the blog post. This is not very good in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).   The first cardinal rule of SEO is, put key words into: blog or website URL blog title individual post URL (permalink) individual post title How about other languages, such as French or Hindi or Arabic? I browse through blogs, found this one(sorry about my ignorance, I don't what this language is): Banda Filarmónica de Monção (Post title) banda-filarmni

Sitemap errors and warnings

All the URLs in your Sitemap have the same priority. All the URLs in your Sitemap are set to the same priority (not the default priority). Priority indicates the importance of a particular URL relative to other URLs on your site, and doesn't impact your site's performance in search results. If all URLs have the same priority, Google can't tell which are more important. This is the warning that I get after I submited a PHPBB forums_map which includes 6 forums URLs, basicly I think they have the same priority. Incorrect namespace As I have mentioned in another post , I got this warning because my sitemap XML file root element doesn't specify the default namespace. The namespace should be specified as follows: xmlns="" There may be more reasons you may see this error are: * the namespace may be missing * the namespace may be declared incorrectly (for instance, the namespace may end in ".9" rather than i

Google Sitemap Generator

It's not easy to find a Sitemap generator for MKPortal, so I just use phpSitemapNG , which is no good for CMS, Portal, forums and Wiki. I found xmap for Joomla, which is quite easy to install and configure. It's quite funny that I have submit a long strange string as sitemap to Google, such as this: joomla/index.php?option=com_xmap&sitemap=1&view=xml&no_html=1 But it's cool to generator html sitemap, beautifully arrange and most important accurately generated, as bellow: And I found Google Sitemap Xml generator for phpBB forum , which generates separate sitemap for forums and topics. currently it has two version 2.0 and 2.1. But it seems that version 2.1 can only generate forum sitemap, and I got "Incorrect namespace" warnings from Google after submitting topics sitemap. I check the php code, the author uses My website structure as follow, I have to look for sitemap generator separately: index

Wikiwig installation problem: http vs https

I installed wikiwig, and I went through setup and it said it was all ready to go. Then I went to index page, everything looks fine. But when I tried to click "admin" button, nothing responded. Because the browser saved the password, I was kept login, noway to logout. So I changed browser, it shows guest instead of admin. But when I click guest, nothing happened, either. I thought it might be the problem of login security check, use https method instead of http, but the free web hosting server doesn't support https, this caused the problem. I deleted the folder and cleared up the database, reinstalled the wikiwig, configure as follow: HTTP/HTTPS: HTTP New User Approval: Admin Captcha: phpCaptcha Mail Server Setup: None If your server doesn't support https, it's very important change HTTP to HTTPS, default was HTTPS. My wiki is up and running now :-)