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Sexy Adsense

photo from: One guy suggested this sexy ad placement by placing a sexy man beside the ads, this is appearantly against Google TOS.

The value of a single click

How much will you earn from one single click? Many people claimed that they have gotten $5, $15, $25 for a single click. One person even said his record is $39 for one click about 9 months ago -- insurance related. How can people be so lucky? and how much does that $39-a-click actually generates sales for that insurance company?

What is eCPM?

One guy just joined AdSense, he got one page impression, and one click through, and that $.62 earnings. (I may suspect that he clicked his own ads! *_*) He asked what's eCPM, because that's a very big number, $618.18, why it's so much difference between earning and eCMP? Page eCPM is average cost of one thousand page impressions, your earning divided by page impressions multiplied by 1000, I we have earning 0.62, so page eCPM is 618.80. that's right.(0.62/1)*1000 =620 ~=618.80

Bombing clicks

Never, ever tell your friends or relatives or your cat or dogs especially your parrots what your sites are. Do not put in signatures, you never know, it can be an enemy or even a friend who is jealous of your earnings. Just do not do it. Only Google knows how they detect fraud.

Help the googlebot to recognize your prefer keywords

If your content is ambiguos, there is some code, often overlooked by Adsense publishers, to "help" the googlebot to recognize the right/impotrant theme. The HTML tags to emphasize a page section take the following format(to avoid html interprettion, I use[]instead of <>): [!-- google_ad_section_start --] [!-- google_ad_section_end --] You can also designate sections you'd like to have ignored by adding a (weight=ignore) to the starting tag: [!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) --] I'll give a practical example from my work for a customer. The client is running a spanish language turism site and part of his company name is "vista"! Placing Adsense on his pages, the ads that appeared immediatly had been targeted on software and Microsoft's "vista". I used the ad section ignore code the following way: [!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) --]vista[!-- google_ad_section_end --] The correct ads related to turism appeared

What is a MFA site?

MFA stands for Made for Adsense. Basically, MFA sites are sites which litter their whole website with lots of Adsense ads & other ads with very little content or sometimes none at all and then create Adwords campaign such that they can appear on the 1st few pages of Google's search results pages (SERPs).

The reason of low CTR

One guy has 32 sites and all AdSense are visible on over 100,000 indexed pages, but he just make $3.99 on average per day. so he was quite confused and suspected that if Adsense is not paying him full for clicks. But we normally don't believe that Google is ripping us off. There are many reasons, of them is language problems. I use both Chinese and English, I earned very much less from my Chinese sites, because advertiser sources is much less than publisher, keyword relevant is quite poor, same ads may display on many sites. people get used to those ads, and never clicks. There is a Chinese proverb expresses this situation, that is "Too many monks, not enough rice porridge." Another reason maybe that the web pages are not html but user generated php+Mysql discussion forums. This may cause poor relevant ads displayed. So most general reason that visitors don't click on ads are 1) ads are not relevant to their interests 2) ads are not related to the content or theme