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Monetise Your Video on Youtube

I received an email invitation from YouTube recently, it says: Your YouTube account might be eligible to earn revenue from the playbacks of your videos. If your account is enabled, we may place ads next to the videos that you submit for monetisation. You will earn a share of the revenue from the ads, as long as you meet the programme requirements. I have tried to apply for Youtube partner several times without success, because my videos don't "appear to be viewed by thousands". Now several videos reach or over thousands views. While I am trying to figure out monetising, I notice some interesting copyright issues:  Your video has to be 100% original, and you have to declare the ownership of the copyright, which include audio or musics.  You can't monetise video:   in Creative Commons Licence, or created by Youtube Editor or Youtube partners such as GoAnimate!, One True Media, Xtranormal Movie Maker, or Stupeflix Video Maker, this happens to free ve

Adsense: You’re missing 81 opportunities to earn more!

Received a message, saying that I am missing 81 opportunities to earn money, but I can't do anything about it, since I have no control of Ad palcements in Hubpages. In the previous post I mentioned that since Hubpages launched it's own Ad program, my Adsense earning are almost dried up. Here is the message: At least 80 of the pages on Hubpages are running less than three ad units. Adding any of our top performing units (336x280, 300x250, 728x90 or 160x600) to prominent sections of your pages will substantially increase your ad impressions and overall revenue. Across the pages that we analysed, you could potentially add at least 81 units on Click here to create new ad units and start earning more! This is the big problems when you're dependent on revenue sharing publishing websites which you have no right to dictate your terms. Similarly, this happened to the traditonal publishing industry, in the life circle of authors, publishers, printers, distributo