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Kontera adsense on same page

Can I have both Adsense and Kontera ads on the same page in my website? Is it against TOS to add Kontera? No, it's no against TOS, Both are fine as long as konterra doen't generate inline ads within the adsense ads. One man allegedly from Kontera, says: "I wanted to mention that ContentLinks™ can be placed alongside Google Adsense and in fact, many publishers find the combination to be highly successful. The advertisements differ in forms- Google provides relevant ads to the side of the content while our ContentLinks™ are within the text. For this reason, Kontera ads can be used as a supplemental ad service as well as a primary source of revenue."

Google Ad Manager Google Ad Manager is a hosted ad management solution that can help you sell, schedule, deliver, and measure all of your directly-sold and network-based inventory. Simple, intuitive user interface: Decrease training time and trafficking steps with simplified tagging and inventory management. Google serving speed and reliabilityEnsure quicker ad delivery and fewer reporting discrepancies. Significant cost savings - it's free!Pay nothing for ad serving, feature upgrades, or system maintenance.

Blue Chip Expert

Blue Chip Expert is an invitation-only career site. It's confidential, completely free to join and use, and only takes a few minutes to join. Also, every time a person you invite is hired you earn a referral fee. Referral fees can really add up as they are paid on three levels of referral for ten years.