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Free PHP Sitemap Generator

Google has its own Sitemap generator, but it's written in Python, it seems my webserver doesn't support python. I tried out a free php Sitemap generator, looks quite good. phpSitemapNG is a free Google Sitemaps generator written in PHP, but also generates RSS-based, txt-based and HTML-based sitemap files. It will spider your website and also your filesystem (of course, as you prefer). You can download and use it for free, the licence is GPL. I don't know if it's right to include .php files, since I use PHP/MySQL contents management system for my website, such as MKPortal, Wordpress, and Joomla. Will Google index .php file, or just ignore it?

To buy a registered domain

To buy a registered domain or register a new one? A registered domain means established traffics, search engine PR and index, older the better. Of course older domain age may not guarantee better PR and index rate if it never indexed or already dropped or banned by search engine. To register a new domain name and buy web hosting space means that you may spend your first year in sandbox! So if you just started your blog with blogger dot com, then stay comfortably with your subdomain dot blogspot dot com, this may do better than your new domain. Do some experiments with your new domain by setting up a micro-website.

Monetize your domain names

When I think of a good domain, and type "something dot com" in the browser address bar, then a page comes up which is full of related searches, sponsored links, or popular categories, or a sentence such as "This domain may be for sale", many of those pages are similar. I may click a link if I am interested or just leave it, but I never know the domain owner has already made money from my clicks till Google announced Adsense will allow publishers monetize their domains. Adsense allows publishers to earn revenue through ads placed on undeveloped domains. With AdSense for domains, users can find relevant information rather than see empty pages or "page not found" errors. Adsense currently present ads, links, and search results on the pages, and may add other useful information in the future. This is a good new for all. It seems to change my view forever, and I won't think it's wasting money to buy domain name any more.

Squidoo and Adsense

Many people mention squidoo, and some of them compare squidoo with hubpages , I have an account on hubpages, and set up my Adsense ID in my hubpages profile along with Kontera, Amazon and eBay. I tried to sign up an account with squidoo, and started to create a lens, but I couldn't find anywhere to insert my Adsense ID. And I found out that actually you couldn't use your Adsense ID on squidoo! Squidoo uses theirs and then when the ads are clicked on your lenses, you get your share from squidoo. Adsense revenue is calculated like this: All revenue is dropped in one big pool. 45% is subtracted for Squidoo operations, 5% goes to Squidoo charity. That leaves 50% in the pool for lensmasters (owners of lenses). That pool is then divided according to an algorithm. This is quite funny, and you will find more on this if earning loyalty is your main concern. And if you haven't got your own Adsense account or for some reasons banned by Google, it's a good way to publis

Funny things about Google SearchWiki

When you login to you Google account, you can use Google SearchWiki, you can add search result, move up and down the ranking, write a comment, or delete an entry from the search results. But "the SearchWiki notes page that summarizes your rankings, deletions, and notes can be viewed only by you." The funny thing is this Google SearchWiki help entry: How do I report inappropriate or offensive comments? While viewing any comment, click the thumbs-down next to it to rate it as bad. Click the Flag as inappropriate content link to report a comment as inappropriate. A Google team will review the comment and, if necessary, take action. If the comments are only visible by the commentor him/herself, how will other people find out the inappropriate ones? Will you flag your own comments as inappripriate, let Google team "take action"? The only way is other people over the internet may break into you Google account and see the inappropriate comments and flag them.

The comparison of traffic among large blog sites

According to this article , HubPages gets over 8 million unique visitors each month.  That’s a ratio of 8 million/200,000 = a ratio of 40 viewers per hub.  While Blogger.Com, it's ratio is less than 3.1.   WordPress about 25. about 12.2 visitors per lens. I don't know Squidoo, but I can feel Wordpress is really better than Blogger in terms of community sense, both in hubpages and wordpress, you can easily find relative posts, socialise with your neighbours, but in blogger, until the recent "follow this blog" function, the only way to find you neighbour seems the "next blog" arrow on the top bar of your blog, most probably you will run into some other language blog, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, etc.

Analytics shows my website tracking data for 2010-2011

In another post, I wrote about Google Analytics mixes up my two blogs. Today, when I login, to my horror, Analytics shows me some data for Jan 25, 2010 - Dec 24, 2011. I would like to share the print screen.

How to add Adsense beside Logo in MKPortal?

How to add Adsense banner beside logo in MKPortal? It's not easy to find a module to insert Adsense in MKPortal, so you have hack it out on your own sometimes. But fortunately, you just can add the Adsense in any place you want by simply adding the code to your tpl_main.php file. The flow of that file is from top of page to bottom and the functions you see are pretty self explanitory. For example, I have tried and error many times to add Adsense banner at the right of the logo in MKPortal, and at last I created a table with two vertical rows, first row has the logo, second row for the banner. Demo site:

Signature Hyperlink to porn website

I just installed a forum, it is supposed to be 3d game development forum, but the next day, some strange registered members and posts appeared. The posts seem to be composed of random words and phrases, make no sense at all. In the member signature, there is always a hyperlink to a porn website. I installed Adsense revenue share mod for this SMF (Simple Machine Forum), and now nobody has come yet except for those spammers. I don't want to get rid of these spam, because my forum looks not so miserable with so many members and posts. if I keep those, will I violet GG Adsense policies? You guys may have a look, it here:

What's the best CMS for your website?

Joomla! 1.0 - 'Experience the Freedom'!. It has never been easier to create your own dynamic site. Manage all your content from the best CMS admin interface. The first CMS I have tried is MKPortal, I found it is easy to learn but not flexible, and not extensible. I couldn't find many free templates, not modules. If you have question, it's not easy to get your answer quickly. ( Demo ) Then I tried Wordpress, It's a fantastic Blog CMS, easy to learn, and very flexible, loads of free templates and extensions. But It always looks like blog instead of a website.( Demo ) Finally, I found Joomla, it's quite a learning curve here, but gradually I feel the freedom and power of Joomla! ( Demo )

Google Analytics mixes up my two blogs?

I have 3 blogs on blgspot dot com, two in English, one in Chinese. All of them added Google Analytics tracking code. Google Analytics mixes up my Chinese blog with one of the English blogs. Because I noticed something wrong with the tracking data by comparing Analytics-recorded visitors and adsense pageviews, even if the bounce rate is 100%, AdSense page views should equal analytics-recorded visitors, because every visitors at least open one page, the adsense pageviews are less than Analytics-recorded visitors numbers. And I noticed another evidence that Analytics mixes up my two blogs, which is an obvious mistake, that data on Content Overview are same for two blogs. 1. / 2. /2008/08/youngest-mother-in-world.html 3. /2008/08/sharon-fruit.html 4. /2008/09/how-to-get-vodaphone-puk-code.html 5. /2008/05/blog-post_19.html 6. /2008/10/halloween-jokes.html 7. /2008/10/blog-post_15.html 8. /2008/10/harvest-festival.html 9. /2008/10/milk-spots-or-allergic-to-baby-formula.html 10. /2008/07

YieldBuild is now opening up public beta program to publishers of all sizes

YieldBuild, a service from the company that launched HubPages , could only accept customers whose website(s) has over 500,000 page views a month to be added to their beta program before. But YieldBuild is now opening up its public beta program to publishers of all sizes via our Self-Service Wizard. You can now use YieldBuild to manage and optimize your site's ads. YieldBuild will: optimize your layouts, finding the best performing ads for any page find the most lucrative ad networks' ads for each available spot give you a consolidated view of performance across your ad networks YieldBuild removes the fuss of managing multiple networks, and tests and retests to make sure you don't leave any money on the table. YieldBuild is free to try for 30 days. After 30 days, YieldBuild's share is 3% of impressions. You can stop at any time.

Problems with Installing Joomlaspan Adsense ClickSafe Module

As a new users of Joomla, I find template module positions confusing and very frustrating. Although by default we get a large number of module positions (we can check out this by going to "go to Site > Template Manager > Module Positions"), however, when modules are assigned to these positions the modules are not shown. This happened to me when I tried to install Joomla adsense clicksafe extension module, it's very strange and confusing, and frustrating, too. I assigned the Joomlaspan Adsense Clicksafe module to the left position after I successfully installed it, the ads showed up, but nothing was shown on other positions, header,right,bottom,etc, nothing. Many weeks passed, I played with this extension again last night, I wondered that if it was the problem of the template, I used archzone template, which was a very simple design. What if the module does not automatically show up in a particular template when I haven't got these positions available in my pa

Google blog search or website search?

Google default search is website search, you also have blogs, groups, books search, etc., I wonder if Google search returns result separately, either from website or blogs. People normally won't bother specifying blogs search if he/she gets good results from website search. At least, I have been doing so. What does this mean to bloggers. Only recently did I realize that I couldn't get my blogspot posts showed up on the first page of Google default search results. When people specifies blogs search, my posts have chance to show up on the first page. Will this affect your traffic? Do I need to think about moving my blogger blog to a website? How about Wordpress? Many people ask that which one is better, Joomla or Wordpress? Joomla is designed for a website, but Wordpress is primarily for blog. Does the choice of a content management system itself has already determined your site SEO result?

How to blog

Blogs are certainly nothing new. They started to gain traction around 2003-2004, and have been increasing in popularity ever since. Here some tips for new blogger. Find a blog provider . Wordpress and Blogger are the two most popular blog providers, and they are both free to use. Find a theme or topic and stick to it. You want to stay focused on a specific topic, so your readers know what to expect. This helps to create a loyal fan base. Reach out to everyone you know. You have to start somewhere, and people you know are going to be the most receptive to reading what you're writing about. If you write about interesting topics they will forward it to their friends, and hopefully the chain will continue. You can also do things like put your blog URL in your email signature. Think about your readers. Ask yourself: "Why would anyone want to read my blog?". If you can't answer that question, then you may need to find a new theme or collection of topics. Although your f

Page impressions, Ad Unit impressions, and Individual Ad impressions

How to increase your revenue with same page views? 1. More Ad Units Page impressions happen every time a user views a page displaying Google ads. In Adsense report only one page impression will be counted no matter how many Google ads are displayed on a page. So more ad units can display more ads which can increase your potential earning. Google allows one video units, 2 link units, 3 ad units on one page. Ad unit or link unit impressions are reported every time a user views a Google ad unit or link unit on your page. 2. Using bigger or wider units or more links in link units Use some of wider units, such as the 160x600 wide skyscraper, the 300x250 medium rectangle, or the 728x90 leaderboard, because more those ad units have more space to display individual ads. Individual ad impressions or link impressions show an impression for each individual ad that's shown in any ad unit.

No adult or copyrighted materials with Adsense

Nobody really has time and patience to read those small prints, i.e. terms and conditions stuffs. Although the font size of Google Adsense policy electronic version are no smaller than those in other web pages, and you can change its size in any browser. Neither did I have time and patience to read, but as long as you have common sense, you should be aware, at least should ask if adult or copyrighted materials are permitted to use with Adsense. Today one guy wrote in a forum, asking for help that he received an email from Google Adsense, warning him that his website violet Adsense policy: While reviewing your account, we noticed that you are currently displaying Google ads in a manner that is not compliant with our policies. For instance, we found violations of AdSense policies on pages such as As stated in our program policies, AdSense publishers are not permitted to place Google ads on pages with adult or mature content. As a result, we h

Three Steps to Become a Successful Publisher

I started building personal website since 1995, but all of those hosted on free web space, and looked like "PERSONAL WEBSITE" indeed. Because I don't know any Content Management System(CMS), or there were none free such as Joomla or Wordpress in those good old days? I didn't know how to writing code for myself, either. With the free web hosting, those personal website have long gone, no more. I have to start up again and again, repeat construction again and again. Since I tried Adsense, I started to think seriously. But I still remain as a amateur, always seem a newbie. I have tried forums, hope many registered users can generate easy money for me, so I can put my feet up and watch my earning growing. But nothing happens, nobody register, except my few friends and relatives, even few post articles or a reply. I spent a whole year to understand how effectively and easily build a website by installing a CMS such as Joomla, Wordpress, but I spent longer time to und

The only correct way to add Blogger sitemaps to webmaster tools

There are many articles discussing how to add blogspot sitemap to webmaster tools. Most of those suggest adding a feed based sitemap atom.xml or rss.xml. This is not wrong, but very problematic, because feed based sitemap only lists 25 newest posts by default. So, I have heard many complaints that total indexing pages dramatically reduced after successfully adding a sitemap to Google webmasters tools To avoid this, you have to add the sitemap plus some parameters to the URL: "atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=100" Here we add three parameters, the first and most important is specifying the maximum post, this gives the Google spiders additional content to examine. We can currently set the maximum posts to 500. So if just start blogging, 500 hundred posts could be enough for a year's job. Keep writing till you ass off! If your main concern is having Google index your freshest content, you can create a sitemap for a feed using rss.xml?orderby=

URL cannot contain a Google host

Google just opened up Knol to the public. Knol is also serving up AdSense advertising on the site. Authors on Knol can enter their AdSense data into Knol, and will get the regular AdSense payout for every click on an ad. This seems like a smart way to reward users who write the best (or most popular) content, while still making money for Google, because the cut Google already takes from the advertising through AdSense anyway. Currently, I don't know how may we track ads performance on knol, I tried to add an URL channel, and got error message: "" at line 1 invalid: URL cannot contain a Google host. Has anybody any idea of how to do it?

How to add analytics tracking code to blogger

If you use classic template, go to "edit html", and add the code before body tag. But if you use new template, and use this procedure, you will be not successful. One problem is that blogger keeps changing my double quotes to " And you may see error message, your template isn’t getting saved. The following error message “We were unable to save your template. Please correct the error below, and submit your template again. Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup." If you encounter those error massages, What you have to do is add the code in the html/Js page element. Go to Template, Add a Page Element, HTML/JS Script.

Cool url report in Kontera

I can use url report in Kontera, it shows every page url where CTR happened. But in Adsense, as far as I know, we have to add url channels manually. I am writing for Hubpages , I have more than a hundred articles, and it's growing, how can I do that manually? Is there a way?

As simple as one, two three

On any Google policy-compliant page, you can display: ONE: -video unit TWO:- AdSense for search boxes THREE:- standard AdSense for content ad units, and- 3 link units While you can place allof these on one page, you should keep user experience in mind.

"Ads by google" in different languages

I use both Chinese and English in my blog, Google displays ads both in English and Chinese, too. but funny things are the ads' formats. Even though the adds are in English, but "Ads by Google" is displayed in Chinese. Will this affects the ads price?

What is Niche?

I am quite confused sometimes by the cool (or hot?) word "niche", such as in this statement: "Chasing a niche based on the value of a keyword is no fun at first and fruitless in the end. " So, what is niche? Niche, from the Latin word for "nest," means much the same thing in science as it does in ordinary speech. The term "niche" was first used by ecologists to describe a species' position and use of resources within its environment, in other words, a position or role taken by a kind of organism within its community. Such a position may be occupied by different organisms in different localities, e.g., antelopes in Africa and kangaroos in Australia. When used in business the term implies a situation or an activity perfectly suited to a person or a given type of personality. In this respect, smart enterpreneurs may emphasize the effective (yet underutilized) marketing strategy of targeting an industry niche. They think that marketing narrow

Adsense revenue sharing among peers

The invention of modern printing technology have benefited us more than one hundred years of book and newspaper publication businesses. Now with the computer and Internet, a new era has come, people publish their works online by themselves or on an affiliate website, and earn royalty. I have joined two of these website, one is , another one is an forum, but I have never got any earnings whatsoever, even have no Adsense impressions shown up. Currently Hubpage is my only affiliate website, till now I am quite happy with it's revenue sharing scheme. In, we can have three affiliate account, AdSense, Amazon, and eBay. Hubpage takes 40 percent of AdSense impression, 40 percent is quite a big share, but it pays, because with hubpage you don't need to worry about traffic due to fast indexing by Google and be widely read by peer hubpage authors. with hubpage you just keep writing, and publish your work online with easy, none techie-tools, no website maintenanc

One or more? Simplest the best!

Sometime I feel I have too many websites and blogs, which are in Chinese, English or mixture, some Chinese language sites are even blocked by the Great Firewall of China with no reason at all, such as the one on blogspot. I feel that I'd better concentrate on one website or blog, optimize it and keep posting new articles, and make it the best. I tried to campaign my websites, but I have so many sites, all of them need to be campaigned, although I can make links each other within those sites and make themself a network. When I started to build website very seriously 9 months ago (not personal website which I started building as early as 1995), I searched high and low, to look everywhere for free web hosting with php+mySQL, upload very complicated contents management system (CMS), install them, and take ages to learn how to maintain, such as Joomla, MKportal, Wordpress, zencart, and Chinese CMS such as Discuz!, phpWind, supesite/X-space, but at last I realized that "simplest the

Some tips for all newbies

Some tips for all adsense publisher: - Take care of your site as you take care of a pet or a flower - Keep it into the rules - Work for the long term - Stay out of high price keywords/niche - Think as a non-webmaster would react into your site - Create layouts for non-webmasters react to - Always deliver unique content written by you and... - Optimize your site every week - Discover new longtail keywords every week - Add some more unique content related to those longtail keywords and... - Crosslink some deep pages throughout your site (1 link per month max) - Don't buy 100's links cause if your site is truly important in niche, non-webmasters will link to you, because your site is relevant.

How to monetize RSS traffic?

Content is shifting away from publishers' websites and is increasingly consumed in RSS readers, personal start pages, and widgets. I read many complaints that RSS feed "hurts" the traffic of a blog/website, and revenue generated from the blog traffic significantly decreased. Today, I came across a pioneering RSS advertising network, Pheedo's state-of-the-art RSS ad server allows publishers to generate revenue from their content, wherever it is consumed. Find out more about Pheedo, here .

People dont want you to make money, people want to get info

Just like a pianist does not need a special piano to play a good music, nobody requires a special power around to build a good website. A good quality website is one which you care about just like you would care about your baby and family. People come to you website, they don't want to make you rich, they want to get useful information. It's all about content and helping, money comes after.

Adsense performance on weekends

Somebody says that on weekends the quality of ads is rather low as the big spenders stop their campaign and the CTR drops significantly. But others say that a definite increase in their Click Through Rate (CTR) on weekends for their Adsense performance. Most weekends their CTR can pick up to the point where their overall earnings are often as good as their weekday totals despite having significantly less traffic to their sites. Is possible that people surfing the web on weekends are just more relaxed and willing to take their time more and follow the links/ads that you have on the site? Although its reasonable that the CTR may depend on the kind of website and overall traffic. And it depends on the content/market/niche of the site. For example, Techie and Geeky kinds get less weekend traffic. But is it real that big advertisers stop campaign during weekends? I have never noticed that there is an option for me to stop campaign during weekends?

How to make your blogger posts into podcasts!

As you may aware, you actually can listen to my blog posts. You just click the the button at the beginning of each post, and it will read the post to you. It actually does a very good job, and is the best text-to-audio reader I have ever heard, although not perfect, but the best I have heard. I am using Odiogo which converts my posts into podcasts! If you have a blog, I suggest that you sign up to Odiogo and create a podcast automatically out of your posts. If not, you’ll definitely be signing up soon. To sign up to Odiogo is also very easy, you're even not asked to provide anything but your blog feed address and your email, yes, nothing else! Then if your blog feed passed the testing, only two or three click, done, your blogger blog posts has already converted to podcasts! Now you can listen to your posts. Thank to linkbuildingbible for the tips!

Content is king, and traffic is queen.

Content is king, and traffic is queen. Bad content can dramatically affect your websites performance in the search engines, but high quality content can keep readers coming back or please the search engine robots. A popular method of making money is to sell your strengths, your strength will be someone else’s weakness. If you are a good writer you can sell content to the people who are not as fortunate as you when it comes to writing. Likewise, if you are not gifted with writing, you may think about hiring professional to do it for you. It's as simple as that.

Kontera adsense on same page

Can I have both Adsense and Kontera ads on the same page in my website? Is it against TOS to add Kontera? No, it's no against TOS, Both are fine as long as konterra doen't generate inline ads within the adsense ads. One man allegedly from Kontera, says: "I wanted to mention that ContentLinks™ can be placed alongside Google Adsense and in fact, many publishers find the combination to be highly successful. The advertisements differ in forms- Google provides relevant ads to the side of the content while our ContentLinks™ are within the text. For this reason, Kontera ads can be used as a supplemental ad service as well as a primary source of revenue."

Google Ad Manager Google Ad Manager is a hosted ad management solution that can help you sell, schedule, deliver, and measure all of your directly-sold and network-based inventory. Simple, intuitive user interface: Decrease training time and trafficking steps with simplified tagging and inventory management. Google serving speed and reliabilityEnsure quicker ad delivery and fewer reporting discrepancies. Significant cost savings - it's free!Pay nothing for ad serving, feature upgrades, or system maintenance.

Blue Chip Expert

Blue Chip Expert is an invitation-only career site. It's confidential, completely free to join and use, and only takes a few minutes to join. Also, every time a person you invite is hired you earn a referral fee. Referral fees can really add up as they are paid on three levels of referral for ten years.

0 impressions but has 2 clicks

One guy has a most odd situation, he has a channel has zero impressions but has 2 clicks? And the earnings only $0.02 ! How can this be happenning? Adsense record impressions and clicks everyday, and starts new record the next day. All yesterdays' records were cleared and start new one at midnight. Lets say someone enters your site at 11:59PM, that gives you an impression for the last day, they look around, and click on an add at 12:01 AM. that gives you a click that will show no impressions for that day (the new day).

Google to layoff 300 DoubleClick employees

Internet search giant Google announced its largest layoff , saying it will cut 300 of DoubleClick's 1,200 employees, the online advertising company it acquired last month for 3.2 billion dollars. Google's purchase of DoubleClick is intended to boost its revenue through ads that include pictures and video . With DoubleClick, Google now has the leading display ad platform , which will enable google to rapidly bring to market advances in technology.

Sexy Adsense

photo from: One guy suggested this sexy ad placement by placing a sexy man beside the ads, this is appearantly against Google TOS.

The value of a single click

How much will you earn from one single click? Many people claimed that they have gotten $5, $15, $25 for a single click. One person even said his record is $39 for one click about 9 months ago -- insurance related. How can people be so lucky? and how much does that $39-a-click actually generates sales for that insurance company?

What is eCPM?

One guy just joined AdSense, he got one page impression, and one click through, and that $.62 earnings. (I may suspect that he clicked his own ads! *_*) He asked what's eCPM, because that's a very big number, $618.18, why it's so much difference between earning and eCMP? Page eCPM is average cost of one thousand page impressions, your earning divided by page impressions multiplied by 1000, I we have earning 0.62, so page eCPM is 618.80. that's right.(0.62/1)*1000 =620 ~=618.80

Bombing clicks

Never, ever tell your friends or relatives or your cat or dogs especially your parrots what your sites are. Do not put in signatures, you never know, it can be an enemy or even a friend who is jealous of your earnings. Just do not do it. Only Google knows how they detect fraud.

Help the googlebot to recognize your prefer keywords

If your content is ambiguos, there is some code, often overlooked by Adsense publishers, to "help" the googlebot to recognize the right/impotrant theme. The HTML tags to emphasize a page section take the following format(to avoid html interprettion, I use[]instead of <>): [!-- google_ad_section_start --] [!-- google_ad_section_end --] You can also designate sections you'd like to have ignored by adding a (weight=ignore) to the starting tag: [!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) --] I'll give a practical example from my work for a customer. The client is running a spanish language turism site and part of his company name is "vista"! Placing Adsense on his pages, the ads that appeared immediatly had been targeted on software and Microsoft's "vista". I used the ad section ignore code the following way: [!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) --]vista[!-- google_ad_section_end --] The correct ads related to turism appeared

What is a MFA site?

MFA stands for Made for Adsense. Basically, MFA sites are sites which litter their whole website with lots of Adsense ads & other ads with very little content or sometimes none at all and then create Adwords campaign such that they can appear on the 1st few pages of Google's search results pages (SERPs).

The reason of low CTR

One guy has 32 sites and all AdSense are visible on over 100,000 indexed pages, but he just make $3.99 on average per day. so he was quite confused and suspected that if Adsense is not paying him full for clicks. But we normally don't believe that Google is ripping us off. There are many reasons, of them is language problems. I use both Chinese and English, I earned very much less from my Chinese sites, because advertiser sources is much less than publisher, keyword relevant is quite poor, same ads may display on many sites. people get used to those ads, and never clicks. There is a Chinese proverb expresses this situation, that is "Too many monks, not enough rice porridge." Another reason maybe that the web pages are not html but user generated php+Mysql discussion forums. This may cause poor relevant ads displayed. So most general reason that visitors don't click on ads are 1) ads are not relevant to their interests 2) ads are not related to the content or theme