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Xomba : "Xomba is sort of halfway between Squidoo & Helium with the potential of making money by revenue sharing with Google Adsense ads.  " 'via Blog this' I got this email after submitting my registering form at Xomba: Thank you for registering at Xomba. Your application for an account is currently pending approval. To join Xomba please follow these steps. 1. Reply to this email with the username you created. 2. Please let us know what subjects you plan to write about. 3. Please copy your first article in your email. If you are approved, we will contact you with instructions on how to log into your account. Thanks, --  Xomba team

My Experience with DocCash

Docstoc is an online documents sharing website, simimlar as scribd.  DocCash is Adsense revenue sharing  program of DocStoc. I registered an account two years ago, and uploaded several documents. I associated my Adsense account and set up tracking URL for docstoc. Recently I noticed that it shows up in my adsense performance reports everyday, but with 0 pageviews, N/A clicks and N/A earnings, but I check stats in docstoc, the view number is bigger than zero. So I wrote to ask the reason, and got a reply shortly, and I am told by the customer care team that my account has been deleted: Dear Valued Customer, I'm here to tell you that your Docstoc account has been deleted.  Since your account is deleted, all your information has been removed from our system. If you change your mind, please feel free to visit our website, where you can easily create a new account within seconds! Account deleted and my information removed without giving me any reason! Did I ask to delete my ac