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VPN only connects after restart: a Simple Fix

Windows 10 with PPTP incoming connection only connects after restart, if you Google it, you will find a very fine article that teaches you how to fix the problem, it mentioned six methods, includes: TCP/IP configuration,  Tray-bar VPN menu bug,  Glitched VPN Network connection, Corrupted WAN Miniport (PPTP),  Corrupted VPN dependency,  PPTP and L2TP miniports are stuck in a limbo state,  these solutions are very technical, for a lay person like me, non of these make sense. I saw somewhere in a discussion group, one person says, he fixed this problem buy turning off Fast Start-up , it's one of the Power Saving options, which is supposed to help start your PC faster after shutdown. You can find it on Control Panel: Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\System Settings I am not sure exactly what HAPPENS (or not), but it definitely causes one of the afore-mentioned six possible configuration errors and then causes the Incomming Connection corrupt and refuse

Should "Confirm Password" Die?

Some people suggest that website shouold get rid of the "Confirm your passowrd" field on a Sign Up Form, but I have been so used to it, that I typed twice when I signed up a Spotify account, and then my password was displayed as my username. Then I have to close my Spotify account and register again with another email. And this time I noticed that actually Spotify Sign Up Form has only one field for your to privide password, instead of the "Confirm Passord", it's "What Should We call you?" field, that will display the username on the up right corner of the page when you login.

Vodafone Router Configuration for Incoming Connection and other Services

This post is about specific Vodafone Home Broadband Router configuration for Incoming Connection and other service on your home computer. This is not a tutorial, and will not be going into details of the services and router configuaration, I just want to point out couple of points you need to pay attention to. 1. Port Forwarding. Vadafone Router has its own name for Port Forwarding, it's called Port Mapping under Port Management category.The picture below shows that I set up web server on my desktop, I map my local address on port 80; and I set up PPTP incoming connection by mapping local address on port 1723. Port Forwarding 2. Exposed Host. If you have set up Port Mapping, you still can't get what you want, then you have to put your device outside the Firewall, i.e. bypass Vodafone Connects (means Router) firewall, in a Demilitarised Zone (DMZ), using it's Exposted Host Function. Static NAT (Network Address Translation) means the Router will translate publi