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OpenSky afficliate programs

OpenSky is an affiliate program which connects you with small e-tailers to write about their products on your personal blog. You can search for the products and services which interest you, and then pass those recommendations to your readers while splitting all profits 50/50. The best part is that OpenSky takes care of all of the order processing, fulfillment, and customer service. If you're "fashionable and fabulous" mum, and would like to be kindly exploited of your "time, energy", which should be used to mind your children, then you could get busy blogging and "feel fit" with an expectation of flooding cash into your bank account.

Dropbox or Windows Live Mesh?

Dropbox : "The free Dropbox account comes with 2GB of space that you can use for as long as you like." If you need more than 2GB of space, there are choices of Pro 50 (50GB) and Pro 100 (100GB), $9.99/month and 19.99/month respectively. I use Live Mesh, it provides 5 GB of space free, but Live Mesh is incompatible with Windows XP. Similar products such as Windows Live Skydrive 25GB free, and Google Docs 1 GB for your uploaded files , and both support drag and drop upload. Please do look at the words in bold and Capital "UPLOADED FILES" , Google means it! Free storages limitation only applies to upload documents, created in Google Docs and converted files don't count towards your storage, but do have some size limitations. This trick very effectively stops system abuse, and keeps you going on using its service without worrying even notice you run out of space.

Blogger with Mobile Template!

Blogger enabled mobile template, now you can choose to show the mobile version of  your template on mobile devices, setting -> Email & Mobile to change the setting. It looks great!

MySQL Command Line Client

Install Wordpress, Joomla, Gallery2, Moodle on my laptop, and try to sync users among these applications by Jfusions plugin for Joomla, then make a mess. After unssuccessfully reinstall Gallery2 several times, I have strong desire to look into the MySQL database, the only client available is "MySQL Command Line Client". So here we go: Enter password: ********* Welcome to the MySQL monitor.  Commands end with ; or \g. Your MySQL connection id is 328 Server version: 5.1.49-community MySQL Community Server (GPL) Copyright (c) 2000, 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to modify and redistribute it under the GPL v2 license Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the current input statement. mysql> \h For information about MySQL products and services, visit: For developer information, includin

Adsense New Interface

I have been playing with Google Adsense New Interface for several days, sometimes I have to switch back to the old familiar interface, and I notice that in the Earnings Estimates panel the earning number has several minutes delay than the actual earnings, if you click the Performance Summary, and choose today's performance report, the earning number may be larger. The Alert panel, it's quite amusing that Google Engineer who writes the report program must be a young dad or mum who has young children, see what message it displays: "No alerts found. You can go play outside!" I will say, no! It's very dangerous outside, I prefer staying inside with the computer.

Lulu Blog » Lulu at Internet Summit 2010

Lulu Blog » Lulu at Internet Summit 2010 : "I couldn’t help but image someone somewhere in the world wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a Kindle or an iPad and the sentence “Ceci n’est pas une livre” ( I’ll wait while you go Google Translate that ). " I did as the blog author wishes, and find out this sentence is French instead of Spanish or Italian, from the right plain English result: "This is not a book." * Lulu is an online publishing website, you can create everything from hardcover books to eBooks, photo books to calendars, and buy them yourself.

Windows Live Mesh 2011 not working on XP

I like Live Mesh, because I don't have to carry my files around on a USB drive. But today while I tried to install it on my Netbook which is running on Windows XP, I found actually I couldn't do it: Windows Live Mesh 2011 : "Windows Live Mesh is only available for Windows 7 and Windows Vista." Live Mesh can sync my files between my Vista and Mac, but not this one. Another drawback is that I can't install live mesh on my Office computer without administrator account. I have heard about dropbox and using Google Docs and other similar things. Google Docs can syn with my local files, and I will not try dropbox in near future. There are no perfect things in the world. I still have to carry my usb drive sometimes.

Fancy an iPad? You may have chance to win by writing review for Kontera

Kontera is an advertisement network that provides the relevant In-Text ads for your content, offering an exclusive ad inventory that delivers good CTR and CPC. Now you have a chance to win yourself an iPad by submitting a review for Kontera! For the latest, a month-long round of Kontera Show & Tell-Showoff-Showdown, we’re giving away an Apple iPad to the publisher who writes the best review of Kontera. Additionally, we’re also giving away a $100 gift card! Here’s what you can do to win: Write an honest review of Kontera summarizing your positive experience using our In-Text Ads on your site. The specific qualities we’re looking for in the review is depth of knowledge, understanding of our core technology, and that special touch that communicates everything that’s great about Kontera in your own unique voice. Be sure to include a link directing your readers to Kontera. Post your review on your website. Next, post the URL of your review, as a comment in the co

Virtually unlimited Site Storage for Google Sites

Google sites is free and virtually unlimited sites you can create and virtually unlimited site storage. What I am saying "virtually unlimited" means you can create as many sites as you want and same can you do pages. But there IS a limit, the rule is that you can only create "five sites per week," and you have 100M site storage for every site. But some user find that their sites storage meter always displays 0%, though they've used a lot of space to create webpages, so they suspect that " the storage meter broken ." Actually, the meter is functioning perfectly well. The confusing bit is that if you don't upload any files, images or attachments of any kind, then your storage meter will alway display 0% of 100M. Storage only counts against you when you've added files, not text. But if do have a need to upload files and images or attachments, you have a way to upgrade your storage by copy your site to Google Apps .

How does Adsense Revenue Splitting Work in DocCash Programe?

Adsense Revenue sharing sites, Hubpage doesn't accept PDFs, and very tough on non-original article, But Docstoc process PDFs and Docs, and it seems not care if documents are original or not. But one thing remains unclear to me is the Revenue Sharing Modle. In Docstoc's DocCash FAQ: "The DocCash program pays you for uploading documents. After you join, we'll spit (50/50) the Google AdSense revenue that we earn from the documents you upload to Docstoc." This makes no sense. Some people say that they can't just "revenue share" with users - there is no way to actually do this with adsense. They must, instead, be rotating their Google Adsense Code with users who use this service. So technically - its 50% rotation of their pubID with the users pubID. This is the way that Hubpage is doing it, splitting (40/60) Adsense Impressions between Hubpage and its publisher. Unless someone tells me different - there is no way to simply allow Google to proc

Google sites Subpage listling

In computer science and mathematics, a sorting algorithm is an algorithm that puts elements of a list in a certain order. The most-used orders are numerical order and lexicographical order. In Google Sites, we can insert a Subpage Listing gadget, when we choose "Show sub-pages of: the current page", and "Show levels: All", this gadget will list all subpages under the current page in an order. The problem is that the listing will automatically be sorted in lexicographical order. Now I have a book that its chapters use Roman Numbers, in the subpage listing chapter IX is put after chapter IV instead of chapter VIII: BOOK I. Enjoyment in Untroubled Ease BOOK II. The Adjustment of Controversies BOOK III. Nourishing the Lord of Life BOOK IV. Man in the World BOOK IX. Horses's Hoofs BOOK V. The Seal of Virtue Complete BOOK VI. The Great and Most Honoured Master BOOK VII. The Normal Course for Rulers and Kings BOOK VIII. Webbed Toes

Why does Google Mail lie?

In Google Mail, when you open the Bin, there is a message: "messages that have been in Bin for more than 30 days will be automatically deleted." The reality is Gmail doesn't do that. My oldest mail in the bin is from, title is "Your HackerWatch ID", sent on 31/05/2005, not long after I opened my gmail account. Why does Gmail lie?

Some Top-level Domain(TLD) name you may have never heard of

The Top-level Domain(TLD) name identifies the type of site at which the host machine resides. Some TLD names you main have never heard of: .aero A site associated with the aviation industry .coop A cooperative or cooperative service organization .museum A museum or professionally affiliated personnel .name a non-commercial site associated with a private individual .pro A site associated with a certified professional or professional organization There are many other TLD names identify geographical locations by country, these domain names make URL shortener services available,  such as one from Google is, the TLD gl represents the region name  Greenland. The original set of domain names (.com, .org and .net) quickly became overloaded, and a larger set of TLDs was needed, and a nonprofit organization named ICANN was created in 1998 to expand and manage the domain name system. ICANN reviewed proposals for new TLDs in 2000, and seven new TLDs were approved out of over 180 p

If i have 2 different blogs with adsense do i have to generate $100 on each or both combined - AdSense Help

If i have 2 different blogs with adsense do i have to generate $100 on each or both combined ? Very amusing question indeed. And the answer was really matter of fact. ModestEarner can be a very good teacher if he/she take teacher as his/her professional. he/she says: Presuming you have just the one Adsense account (as you should) its $100 per account. You can have 100 blogs and they could make $1 each and that would also be fine for the $100 threshold.

AdSense dashboard doesn't render on an iPad - AdSense Help

AdSense dashboard doesn't render on an iPad : "On the road, and even at home, I like to log in to check Adsense results and revenue from either an iPad or an iPhone. Are you guys aware that this is currently impossible, at least via the shipping Safari browsers on these two (increasingly popular) devices? When I log in' it does, but then attempts to render the entire frame in a small box, making the dashboard useless on an iPad/iPhone." This is the latest report regarding using Adsense on iPad/iPhone.

Site speed now affects Search rankings

Google is now taking site speed into account in its search rankings. Site speed is just one of over 200 signals used to determine search ranking, and because it's a new signal, it doesn't carry as much weight as the relevance of a page. You can look at Site Performance in Webmaster Tools and try developer tools such as Page Speed, YSlow, and, to learn about speeding up your website.

TypePad Motion on Google’s App Engine: How to get rid of debug information popup window?

TypePad Motion is a microblogging application for building online communities. It is now one of the many supported applications on Google App Engine. It's easy to install TypePad Motion on GAE, but there is a debug information popup windows, showing something like this: Debug Information Requests: 2 batch / 8 sub TypePad Backend: oak-tp-app005 Total time: 4.4935s Request time: 1.6507s TypePad time: 0.1970s I found this popup window is quite annoying, and don't know how to get rid of it. This popup window sits on the top-left corner, and blocks the site name and logo. This also appear on their demo site.

Wordpress on Windows Azure

Wordpress on Windows Azure : "Wordpress on Windows Azure". When I was searching Wordpress for Microsoft Windows Azure, I came across this demo site. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any documentations on how to setup a Wordpress blog on Windows Azure yet. Windows 7 is a big hit on operating system market, the next big hit from Microsoft is its cloud computing system --Windows Azure. This is the latest operating system designed for developers to write applications in Microsoft's .NET programming language. Unlike programs that require a Windows desktop machine to run, while Azure allows developers to write applications that will run in a browser and communicate with servers in one of Microsoft's massive data centers via the Internet. With WP come on board the Azure platform, many others will definitely follow. But how long shall we wait for another ready-made popular web application free for use?

How to add Google Adsense in Google Buzz

I saw Google Adsense ads in some Google Buzz posts, and many people asked how could that guy do it. Actually, this is very easy. Google Buzz can read automatically from Google reader shared items, RSS feeds, etc. If you have already enabled Adsense for you blog (e.g. by Feedburner) with full post view, then when you share your post(s) from Google Reader or any other RSS reader, your Adsense ads will appear in Buzz! Then if you have many thousands of followers, you can imagine what the page impressions will be! But I don't know if this will violate Adsense Terms and Conditions. This can also apply to other ads networks for the any Web page.

Automatic web page translation : Webpages - Google Chrome Help

Automatic web page translation : Webpages - Google Chrome Help : "Google Chrome's built-in translation bar helps you read more of the Web, regardless of the language of the web page. A Blue translation bar will be activated automatically at the top of the page, whenever you come across a page written in a language that doesn't match the browser interface language you've selected." The quality of translation is acceptable, at least you needn't to guess the meaning of menus, buttons, etc., which are comprised of short phrase or just one word. I love Google Chrome for three reasons, I can synchronize bookmarks with Google Bookmarks, so I can use my bookmarks on any machine; I can create menus on favourite bar, and of course, type and search! Built-in translation tool will be a great help for me, since my mother tongue is Chinese, I often feel difficult to retell a story that I have learnt from a Chinese Web site into in English.

LiveJournal’s new user revenue sharing program

LiveJournal has a revenue shareing program, called "Our Journal – Your Money", but it is only available to LiveJournal Paid Account holders and supported by Google AdSense. Once you sign up, you’ll keep 100% of the earnings (after Google takes their cut). You control where ads appear and whether they’re text or images. Buy Paid Account now and join Your Journal – Your Money program to earn more out of your journal.

YOURLS: Make Your Own URL Shortening Service

URL shortening services are ubiquitous on Twitter. Google URL Shortener at is currently available for Google products, such as Buzz. seems a perfect domain (very short and composed of parts of the word "google") for google. .GL is short for Greenland, which is a self-governing Danish province located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. The registration fee for a .gl domain is quite expensive, $129.00 for year, instead of $10! YOURLS is a set of PHP script that will allow you to run your own URL shortener, a la TinyURL. You can make it private or public, and a WordPress plugin makes integration with your WordPress blog (and Twitter) a snap. Yourls, a server-based webapp that can run pretty much anywhere a WordPress installation can. There are lots of other options, which we'll get to as well, but Yourls is a fairly smart and fast way to get up and running with your own URL shortener.

Session hijacking

One of the problems with sessions is that, by default, they rely on the use of a cookie to work properly. When a session is started, it sends a cookie that resides in the user's Web browser. Every subsequent page that calls session_start() makes use of the cookie, which contains the session name and ID, to know to use an existing session and not to create a new one. The problem is that users may have cookies turned off in their Web browser or may not accept the cookie because they do not understand its purpose. If this is the case, PHP will create a new session for each page and none of the registered variables will be accessible. You can use sessions without cookies by passing along the session name and ID from page to page. This is simple to do, but if you forget to pass the session in only one instance, the entire process is shot. To pass the session name from page to page, you can use the SID constant, which stands for session ID and has a value like session_name=session_ID

Webmaster Tools verification errors

I changed my Blogger template, that caused Google Webmaster Tools verification error. I tried to reverify by meta tag, but reverification failed, the reason is "couldn't find the verification meta tag. I checked the layout html code, and found Blogger actually altered the meta tag: meta content='nLNz0zzW0vaKx-pIrbCsxkAx57GlUwiscsI2WHx-_A8' name='google-site-verification' The order of "mata name" and "meta content" swapped, and double quotation marks has been changed to single quotes. That's why Master tools couldn't find the meta tag! Blogger in Draft has already integrated with Webmaster Tools, and verification can be done automatically, "Blogger in Draft dashboard to take you directly to Webmaster Tools. If you follow it, we’ll add all your blogs to Webmaster Tools and verify them for you automatically . " And the verification method is upload a html file which is already there, rather than by meta tag.

Blogger's robots.txt and sitemap

Robots.txt If you are using blogger for your hosting you have a robots.txt file automatically, and can NOT change it. To find the robots.txt, open up your web browser, and type in your Blogger blog’s URL, at the end of the URL add robots.txt. For example, if the URL of your blog is, then enter You may find the following entries: User-agent: Mediapartners-Google Disallow: User-agent: * Disallow: /search Sitemap: Mediapartners-Google is an Adsense crawler, which crawls pages to determine AdSense content. Google only use this bot to crawl your site if AdSense ads are displayed on your site. So the first two lines means your blog allow Mediapartners-Google to crawl blog contents, nothing are disallowed, so it's empty after "Disallow:". "User-agent:* " means all search engine, a star sign '*' means all. The robots.t

Move your WordPress blogs over to Blogger

Hi, guys. Did you ever know we can move our Wordpress blog over to Blogger? We know Wordpress provides a tool to import Blogger posts and comments, but Blogger hasn't provided us the same thing. I found a great tool tonight, which can convert Wordpress blog posts/comments to the blogger format, then import into blogger. Well, the conversion will not include images and attaches, if you have shut down you Wordpress blog, and your attachment files no longer online, you have to do a bit more. Here it is! But this hosted application will only allow downloads smaller than 1MB. Hooray! I searched this kind of tools before, why couldn't I found?

Amazon’s Associate program with Blogger

Amazon’s Associate program announced the partnership with Google’s blog platform, Blogger. With just two clicks, Google Blogger users can now add revenue-generating Amazon product links to their blogs. Amazon’s Associate program may not appear on blog that has already monetised with Google Adsense. One of my blog's Monetise Tab has been missing for long time, and no Adsense widget either. So I have to add Adsense html/Javascript code manually. But the Monetise Tab reappeared several days ago, to my surprise, this links to Amazon’s Associate program. I have already two Amazon’s Associate program Tracking-ID, without realising they are different, one tracking ID ends up with "-20", signifying the North America region of the Associate, while another ends with "-21", signifying the UK region of the Associate. You can add another tracking ID of the same region, but it seems that you can't merge two ID of different region. What we care most is the payment.