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YieldBuild' major improvements

Microsoft pubCenter access! Microsoft's AdSense challenger is still in private beta, but through our Premium Text Ad Program, you can start running pubCenter ads alongside your AdSense or other ads. Want to improve your revenue by seeing how ads from these two heavyweights play out on your site? Opt in to the Premium Text Ad Program to start! Improved performance . Billions of ad impressions run across hundreds of sites over the past year and a half have taught our optimization algorithm a few things. Our publishers are seeing the top-line benefit of YieldBuild's enhanced format and network optimization. Shorter training time. Improvements to our algorithm have brought down the training period to significantly shorter than the 100,000 page impressions we previously needed. YieldBuild will narrow in on the ad formats and layouts to test based on an intelligent understanding of your site's format, colors and structure. Expanded network support . In addition to Google AdSen

Kontera updated its TOS, no more $5 earnings minimum

Kontera removed "$5 earnings minimum" clause, this has been announced in their blog : After releasing our updated TOS we’ve received some publisher feedback pertaining to an existing clause. The clause, stating a $5 earnings minimum in order for revenues to be rolled over to the next month, though not a new addition, raised some concerns among a small yet important segment of our publisher community. Since publisher feedback is highly important to us and as a result, we’ve decided to remove this clause from our TOS effective April 1st 2009. Is this a good news to 'a small yet important segment of our publisher community?' but I have removed Kontera code in most of my webpages after I have realized this , and feel very unhappy with MY 'stupidness'. I am sandbox publisher, I joined Kontera six months ago, none of my monthly revenue has reached minimum earning requirement (and I have to say, Kontera's CPC rate is very low!), so I have worked for Kontera for

Do I meet Google Spider?

I check "Who's Online" in my forum, and notice one IP from Google, is that Google's spider? In my SMF forum, login as admin, click "Who's Online", it show one guest's IP is, click this IP address, it takes me to "Track IP" interface, it shows five regions with ARIN (North America, a portion of the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa) in bold: AfriNIC (Africa) APNIC (Asia Pacific region) ARIN (North America, a portion of the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa) LACNIC (Latin American and Caribbean region) RIPE (Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia) Then click the entry in bold, it takes me to "Search ARIN WHOIS for:" result: OrgName: Google Inc. OrgID: GOGL Address: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway City: Mountain View StateProv: CA PostalCode: 94043 Country: US NetRange: - CIDR: NetName: GOOGLE NetHandle: NET-66-249-64-0-