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Sitemap for SMF and Verify it in Google Webmaster tools

As an admin of Simple Machine Forum, two things are important and have priority, one is to give your SMF forum an XML Sitemap, another is verify your web in Google Webmaster tools. Here you may find Sitemap mod, and it's quite handy to install this package. but one word for precaution, don't be confused by this sentence:  Google does not like SEF formatted URLs for the sitemap because it won't show the sitemap in the root directory just do as the author tells you, make a .htaccess file under your root directory, and copy & paste the rewrite rule into this file and click save. My forum system files are under root directory, so I made a minor change, from /forum/index.php?action=sitemap;xml to /index.php?action=sitemap;xml.  After doing this you can view your XML sitemap by the address , or you may have to use this address;xml The second thing is how to verify your forum in Goog

Problems of Automatically Update Wordpress 2.7 to 2.71

I use byet freehost  for my Simple Machine forum , and Wordpress blog . I feel quite happy that I can automatically update SMF forum, but had problems of automatically update my W ordpress blog, the error message is: Unable to locate WordPress directory. Installation Failed There is some discuss in byet forum , but without satisfied answers. Any help, please?

Iframe attack

An IFrame (which isn't another Apple product - it stands for "inline frame") is just a way of loading one web page inside another, usually from a different server. Malware writers can make the included page just one pixel square and obfuscate javascript which will run automatically. Frame code would be inserted by hacking web servers, or adding it to banner advertisements. Big websites often cache (store) the results of search queries run on their sites - say, the links for a search for "malware IFrame" - and then forward these to search engines such as Google, which can generate search results directly. Malware authors exploit the system by putting in a search query like "malware IFrame" plus all the malicious IFrame's text. If the site doesn't check search terms adequately for obfuscated Javascript, the IFrame data is stored and passed on. When someone then searches for "malware IFrame" and clicks a result, the attack is initiat