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Analytics shows my website tracking data for 2010-2011

In another post, I wrote about Google Analytics mixes up my two blogs. Today, when I login, to my horror, Analytics shows me some data for Jan 25, 2010 - Dec 24, 2011. I would like to share the print screen.

How to add Adsense beside Logo in MKPortal?

How to add Adsense banner beside logo in MKPortal? It's not easy to find a module to insert Adsense in MKPortal, so you have hack it out on your own sometimes. But fortunately, you just can add the Adsense in any place you want by simply adding the code to your tpl_main.php file. The flow of that file is from top of page to bottom and the functions you see are pretty self explanitory. For example, I have tried and error many times to add Adsense banner at the right of the logo in MKPortal, and at last I created a table with two vertical rows, first row has the logo, second row for the banner. Demo site:

Signature Hyperlink to porn website

I just installed a forum, it is supposed to be 3d game development forum, but the next day, some strange registered members and posts appeared. The posts seem to be composed of random words and phrases, make no sense at all. In the member signature, there is always a hyperlink to a porn website. I installed Adsense revenue share mod for this SMF (Simple Machine Forum), and now nobody has come yet except for those spammers. I don't want to get rid of these spam, because my forum looks not so miserable with so many members and posts. if I keep those, will I violet GG Adsense policies? You guys may have a look, it here:

What's the best CMS for your website?

Joomla! 1.0 - 'Experience the Freedom'!. It has never been easier to create your own dynamic site. Manage all your content from the best CMS admin interface. The first CMS I have tried is MKPortal, I found it is easy to learn but not flexible, and not extensible. I couldn't find many free templates, not modules. If you have question, it's not easy to get your answer quickly. ( Demo ) Then I tried Wordpress, It's a fantastic Blog CMS, easy to learn, and very flexible, loads of free templates and extensions. But It always looks like blog instead of a website.( Demo ) Finally, I found Joomla, it's quite a learning curve here, but gradually I feel the freedom and power of Joomla! ( Demo )

Google Analytics mixes up my two blogs?

I have 3 blogs on blgspot dot com, two in English, one in Chinese. All of them added Google Analytics tracking code. Google Analytics mixes up my Chinese blog with one of the English blogs. Because I noticed something wrong with the tracking data by comparing Analytics-recorded visitors and adsense pageviews, even if the bounce rate is 100%, AdSense page views should equal analytics-recorded visitors, because every visitors at least open one page, the adsense pageviews are less than Analytics-recorded visitors numbers. And I noticed another evidence that Analytics mixes up my two blogs, which is an obvious mistake, that data on Content Overview are same for two blogs. 1. / 2. /2008/08/youngest-mother-in-world.html 3. /2008/08/sharon-fruit.html 4. /2008/09/how-to-get-vodaphone-puk-code.html 5. /2008/05/blog-post_19.html 6. /2008/10/halloween-jokes.html 7. /2008/10/blog-post_15.html 8. /2008/10/harvest-festival.html 9. /2008/10/milk-spots-or-allergic-to-baby-formula.html 10. /2008/07

YieldBuild is now opening up public beta program to publishers of all sizes

YieldBuild, a service from the company that launched HubPages , could only accept customers whose website(s) has over 500,000 page views a month to be added to their beta program before. But YieldBuild is now opening up its public beta program to publishers of all sizes via our Self-Service Wizard. You can now use YieldBuild to manage and optimize your site's ads. YieldBuild will: optimize your layouts, finding the best performing ads for any page find the most lucrative ad networks' ads for each available spot give you a consolidated view of performance across your ad networks YieldBuild removes the fuss of managing multiple networks, and tests and retests to make sure you don't leave any money on the table. YieldBuild is free to try for 30 days. After 30 days, YieldBuild's share is 3% of impressions. You can stop at any time.