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Adsense not showing up in Chrome

I have searched for an answer, but in vain. There are many reports about Adsense ads not showing up in different browsers, in my case it's Chrome. I implement adsense code within iframe tag, but this seems not a problem, because I build an experimental pages both with and without iframe (or together in one page), Chrome displays both correctly. My website is built on Microsoft Office Live for small business, its free hosting, a lot of restrictions. for example it will append a 'defer=defer' attribute to the adsense code.

Vuala Chat

Vuala : "Vuala is a new dating site. It is a place where you can always find a new friend. You can chat, draw, play games and even more. It is without any registration and it is completely free." You specify your gender and age, and choose a friend's gender and age, then type something and click the Right Arrow button, somebody will show up instantly, and start chatting. So you always chat with a stranger, and even if a family or buddy at another end of the line, you still don't know who they are, how do find other friends that you actually know? So some people think this is cool but is it safe, since you may thing is he/she a creepy stalker person? Currently, you can't put your state, county, place as search criteria, and can't create account, seems haven't many people using it. This site claims that it's a dating site, and it allows people under 18, even has an age range between 3 and 12! This chat site has a App in Google Chrome store.

Google Chrome Angry Birds Game

Why can't you see the target while you are aiming, is it because originally designed for smart phone with a small screen?

How to implement DFP on blogger blog?

Many people monetise their blog, it's quite handy to set up Adsense, or Amazon Associates. But if you try to use third party ad network, or sell ads directly, best choice is DFP for small business. How to implement DFP on blogger blog ? Of course it's not a big deal if you have only one blog with couple of hundreds hits a month, but it seems fun to figure out how to do it anyway. This page tell you how to set up DFP small business for your website, but it doesn't go to the details of how to use it in blogger. And then you may check out how to edit the HTML of your blog's layout . After you generate tags in DFP, copy and paste the first part into the document header. Then add page element by clicking Add a Gadget, choose HTML/JavaScript gadget, copy and paste the second part of DFP code into the it. After 10 minutes or immediately add will show up on blogger pages.

Pages gadget

If you have no idea what is Page gadget, the check out how to Create Pages in Blogger. The shortcoming of Page gadget is that the tabs only link to static pages, this post show you how to add tabs linking to label pages, individual post pages, website or whatever you like.