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How to stop Freenet?

How to stop or temporally shutdown Freenet? On Windows, you may find "stop freenet" in Freenet Tray. On Ubuntu, or other Linux system, go to your Freenet folder, run a command inside the terminal: FreenetUser@ubuntu:~/Freenet$ ls *.sh You can see command, have six options, one of them is to stop the Freenet: FreenetUser@ubuntu:~/Freenet$ ./ ? Usage: ./ { console | start | stop | restart | status | dump } FreenetUser@ubuntu:~/Freenet$ ./ stop Stopping Freenet 0.7... Waiting for Freenet 0.7 to exit... Stopping Freenet 0.7... Stopped Freenet 0.7. This is how you to stop the Freenet on Ubuntu.

Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger

Now I believe that I have understood at least these things about Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger: 1. Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger, or the 'Advertise products' Gadget is powered by Google Affiliate Network, we may say this is a ready-made version specially for Blogger users, so you don't need to request to join individual advertiser, and waiting for approval. 2. Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger is now eligible for UK publishers. 3. Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger hasn't got many advertisers 'On Board'. 4. Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger Gadget search and match advertise products by KEYWORD. 5. If you type some ILLEGAL (such as a two words with a dash between) keywords to search, the gadget will freeze, and an error window pops up like this: And I also tried some words like 'kindle', it freeze too. You need to reload the page to use the gadget again. 6. View Dashboard link will not appear under the until you publish at least one adv

Blackberry content rating

When I try to download Foursqure App for Blackberry, I received this message, and couldn't download: BlackBerry Support Community Forums : "1 of your download(s) has a higher content rating than your device permits higher content rating than your device permits" This question hasn't been answered in the above-quoted forum, but a Blackberry help blog post gives detailed explanation and warning for how to set up contents ratings. One thing to be repeated here is that you'd better not lock the setting after enabling it with a four-digit security code, because if you forget the password, there is no way to reset it, the only way is by performing a security wipe out of your smartphone.

Ubuntu 12.04: Flash player settings problem solved

Updated Unbuntu 11.10 to 12.04 LTS, and am very glad to find that the Flash player settings dialog unclickable problem solved. Before Ubuntu 12.04, each time I connected to a site with flash apps, such as Youtube "Record video from webcam", that want to access the the webcam or microphone,  the Adobe Flash Player Settings dialog freezes, allow/deny buttons are unclickable. I tried to find a solution for that, but gave up at last , because all those suggestions seemed to be useless. I have faith in Ubuntu, I thought to myself, this problem will be solved at the next release. I am sure of that. ^_*


Xomba : "Xomba is sort of halfway between Squidoo & Helium with the potential of making money by revenue sharing with Google Adsense ads.  " 'via Blog this' I got this email after submitting my registering form at Xomba: Thank you for registering at Xomba. Your application for an account is currently pending approval. To join Xomba please follow these steps. 1. Reply to this email with the username you created. 2. Please let us know what subjects you plan to write about. 3. Please copy your first article in your email. If you are approved, we will contact you with instructions on how to log into your account. Thanks, --  Xomba team

My Experience with DocCash

Docstoc is an online documents sharing website, simimlar as scribd.  DocCash is Adsense revenue sharing  program of DocStoc. I registered an account two years ago, and uploaded several documents. I associated my Adsense account and set up tracking URL for docstoc. Recently I noticed that it shows up in my adsense performance reports everyday, but with 0 pageviews, N/A clicks and N/A earnings, but I check stats in docstoc, the view number is bigger than zero. So I wrote to ask the reason, and got a reply shortly, and I am told by the customer care team that my account has been deleted: Dear Valued Customer, I'm here to tell you that your Docstoc account has been deleted.  Since your account is deleted, all your information has been removed from our system. If you change your mind, please feel free to visit our website, where you can easily create a new account within seconds! Account deleted and my information removed without giving me any reason! Did I ask to delete my ac

Youtube and Adsense

There are two kinds of 'Youtube  Partners': Youtube Partner is a Channel that gets lots of video views and lots of subscribers; while an Individual Youtube Partnership means a specific video of yours instead of  a whole Channel, which a Partner may set up banners or change channel settings restricted only  for Youtube Partner, and monetize all videos. If you are invited to link your Adsense with Youtube, and have to monetize your video one by one, then you're an Individual Youtube Partner. You can't track Adsense revenue from Youtube by Custom channel or URL channel, because when you try to add URL channel, you get an error message: "URL cannot contain a Google host." So there seem to be no way to find out if your video is making money for you or not. But, some say that "Content Host" refers to the in-video ads of Youtube, a little bit weird of course,  and if you don't have other site(s) which enabled for mobile contents, then "AdSense fo