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Youtube and Adsense

There are two kinds of 'Youtube  Partners': Youtube Partner is a Channel that gets lots of video views and lots of subscribers; while an Individual Youtube Partnership means a specific video of yours instead of  a whole Channel, which a Partner may set up banners or change channel settings restricted only  for Youtube Partner, and monetize all videos. If you are invited to link your Adsense with Youtube, and have to monetize your video one by one, then you're an Individual Youtube Partner. You can't track Adsense revenue from Youtube by Custom channel or URL channel, because when you try to add URL channel, you get an error message: "URL cannot contain a Google host." So there seem to be no way to find out if your video is making money for you or not. But, some say that "Content Host" refers to the in-video ads of Youtube, a little bit weird of course,  and if you don't have other site(s) which enabled for mobile contents, then "AdSense fo