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Blogger's robots.txt and sitemap

Robots.txt If you are using blogger for your hosting you have a robots.txt file automatically, and can NOT change it. To find the robots.txt, open up your web browser, and type in your Blogger blog’s URL, at the end of the URL add robots.txt. For example, if the URL of your blog is, then enter You may find the following entries: User-agent: Mediapartners-Google Disallow: User-agent: * Disallow: /search Sitemap: Mediapartners-Google is an Adsense crawler, which crawls pages to determine AdSense content. Google only use this bot to crawl your site if AdSense ads are displayed on your site. So the first two lines means your blog allow Mediapartners-Google to crawl blog contents, nothing are disallowed, so it's empty after "Disallow:". "User-agent:* " means all search engine, a star sign '*' means all. The robots.t

Move your WordPress blogs over to Blogger

Hi, guys. Did you ever know we can move our Wordpress blog over to Blogger? We know Wordpress provides a tool to import Blogger posts and comments, but Blogger hasn't provided us the same thing. I found a great tool tonight, which can convert Wordpress blog posts/comments to the blogger format, then import into blogger. Well, the conversion will not include images and attaches, if you have shut down you Wordpress blog, and your attachment files no longer online, you have to do a bit more. Here it is! But this hosted application will only allow downloads smaller than 1MB. Hooray! I searched this kind of tools before, why couldn't I found?

Amazon’s Associate program with Blogger

Amazon’s Associate program announced the partnership with Google’s blog platform, Blogger. With just two clicks, Google Blogger users can now add revenue-generating Amazon product links to their blogs. Amazon’s Associate program may not appear on blog that has already monetised with Google Adsense. One of my blog's Monetise Tab has been missing for long time, and no Adsense widget either. So I have to add Adsense html/Javascript code manually. But the Monetise Tab reappeared several days ago, to my surprise, this links to Amazon’s Associate program. I have already two Amazon’s Associate program Tracking-ID, without realising they are different, one tracking ID ends up with "-20", signifying the North America region of the Associate, while another ends with "-21", signifying the UK region of the Associate. You can add another tracking ID of the same region, but it seems that you can't merge two ID of different region. What we care most is the payment.