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A Blogger Responsive Mobile Templates Bug

This issue has been raised on Blogger Community  last year, now the question is locked and comments is disabled. On responsive mobile templates (contempto, Notable, Empirio, Soho) links on a mobile device (android - android web view/Chrome) do not work. On desktop is everything OK. Interestingly, on click <a> does not work, but if a visitor selects to open link in a new tab, they will be opened and displayed correctly. The person who raises this question asked that this issue may be caused by AdSense auto ad code which is implemented.  I have tried to remove all AdSense ads, then the mobile view is RESPONSIVE as normal, no problem at all. You may click any link, and it works fine. I also tried to remove all AdSense from the Layout, but instead, paste a line of Code from AdSense directly into the Template (by clicking the three verticle dots beside the theme preview and then clicking the "Edit HTML"), then the issue seems to disappear on some Android Phone, but seems on