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Adsense New Interface

I have been playing with Google Adsense New Interface for several days, sometimes I have to switch back to the old familiar interface, and I notice that in the Earnings Estimates panel the earning number has several minutes delay than the actual earnings, if you click the Performance Summary, and choose today's performance report, the earning number may be larger. The Alert panel, it's quite amusing that Google Engineer who writes the report program must be a young dad or mum who has young children, see what message it displays: "No alerts found. You can go play outside!" I will say, no! It's very dangerous outside, I prefer staying inside with the computer.

Lulu Blog » Lulu at Internet Summit 2010

Lulu Blog » Lulu at Internet Summit 2010 : "I couldn’t help but image someone somewhere in the world wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a Kindle or an iPad and the sentence “Ceci n’est pas une livre” ( I’ll wait while you go Google Translate that ). " I did as the blog author wishes, and find out this sentence is French instead of Spanish or Italian, from the right plain English result: "This is not a book." * Lulu is an online publishing website, you can create everything from hardcover books to eBooks, photo books to calendars, and buy them yourself.

Windows Live Mesh 2011 not working on XP

I like Live Mesh, because I don't have to carry my files around on a USB drive. But today while I tried to install it on my Netbook which is running on Windows XP, I found actually I couldn't do it: Windows Live Mesh 2011 : "Windows Live Mesh is only available for Windows 7 and Windows Vista." Live Mesh can sync my files between my Vista and Mac, but not this one. Another drawback is that I can't install live mesh on my Office computer without administrator account. I have heard about dropbox and using Google Docs and other similar things. Google Docs can syn with my local files, and I will not try dropbox in near future. There are no perfect things in the world. I still have to carry my usb drive sometimes.

Fancy an iPad? You may have chance to win by writing review for Kontera

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