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Cool url report in Kontera

I can use url report in Kontera, it shows every page url where CTR happened. But in Adsense, as far as I know, we have to add url channels manually. I am writing for Hubpages , I have more than a hundred articles, and it's growing, how can I do that manually? Is there a way?

As simple as one, two three

On any Google policy-compliant page, you can display: ONE: -video unit TWO:- AdSense for search boxes THREE:- standard AdSense for content ad units, and- 3 link units While you can place allof these on one page, you should keep user experience in mind.

"Ads by google" in different languages

I use both Chinese and English in my blog, Google displays ads both in English and Chinese, too. but funny things are the ads' formats. Even though the adds are in English, but "Ads by Google" is displayed in Chinese. Will this affects the ads price?

What is Niche?

I am quite confused sometimes by the cool (or hot?) word "niche", such as in this statement: "Chasing a niche based on the value of a keyword is no fun at first and fruitless in the end. " So, what is niche? Niche, from the Latin word for "nest," means much the same thing in science as it does in ordinary speech. The term "niche" was first used by ecologists to describe a species' position and use of resources within its environment, in other words, a position or role taken by a kind of organism within its community. Such a position may be occupied by different organisms in different localities, e.g., antelopes in Africa and kangaroos in Australia. When used in business the term implies a situation or an activity perfectly suited to a person or a given type of personality. In this respect, smart enterpreneurs may emphasize the effective (yet underutilized) marketing strategy of targeting an industry niche. They think that marketing narrow

Adsense revenue sharing among peers

The invention of modern printing technology have benefited us more than one hundred years of book and newspaper publication businesses. Now with the computer and Internet, a new era has come, people publish their works online by themselves or on an affiliate website, and earn royalty. I have joined two of these website, one is , another one is an forum, but I have never got any earnings whatsoever, even have no Adsense impressions shown up. Currently Hubpage is my only affiliate website, till now I am quite happy with it's revenue sharing scheme. In, we can have three affiliate account, AdSense, Amazon, and eBay. Hubpage takes 40 percent of AdSense impression, 40 percent is quite a big share, but it pays, because with hubpage you don't need to worry about traffic due to fast indexing by Google and be widely read by peer hubpage authors. with hubpage you just keep writing, and publish your work online with easy, none techie-tools, no website maintenanc

One or more? Simplest the best!

Sometime I feel I have too many websites and blogs, which are in Chinese, English or mixture, some Chinese language sites are even blocked by the Great Firewall of China with no reason at all, such as the one on blogspot. I feel that I'd better concentrate on one website or blog, optimize it and keep posting new articles, and make it the best. I tried to campaign my websites, but I have so many sites, all of them need to be campaigned, although I can make links each other within those sites and make themself a network. When I started to build website very seriously 9 months ago (not personal website which I started building as early as 1995), I searched high and low, to look everywhere for free web hosting with php+mySQL, upload very complicated contents management system (CMS), install them, and take ages to learn how to maintain, such as Joomla, MKportal, Wordpress, zencart, and Chinese CMS such as Discuz!, phpWind, supesite/X-space, but at last I realized that "simplest the

Some tips for all newbies

Some tips for all adsense publisher: - Take care of your site as you take care of a pet or a flower - Keep it into the rules - Work for the long term - Stay out of high price keywords/niche - Think as a non-webmaster would react into your site - Create layouts for non-webmasters react to - Always deliver unique content written by you and... - Optimize your site every week - Discover new longtail keywords every week - Add some more unique content related to those longtail keywords and... - Crosslink some deep pages throughout your site (1 link per month max) - Don't buy 100's links cause if your site is truly important in niche, non-webmasters will link to you, because your site is relevant.

How to monetize RSS traffic?

Content is shifting away from publishers' websites and is increasingly consumed in RSS readers, personal start pages, and widgets. I read many complaints that RSS feed "hurts" the traffic of a blog/website, and revenue generated from the blog traffic significantly decreased. Today, I came across a pioneering RSS advertising network, Pheedo's state-of-the-art RSS ad server allows publishers to generate revenue from their content, wherever it is consumed. Find out more about Pheedo, here .