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People dont want you to make money, people want to get info

Just like a pianist does not need a special piano to play a good music, nobody requires a special power around to build a good website. A good quality website is one which you care about just like you would care about your baby and family. People come to you website, they don't want to make you rich, they want to get useful information. It's all about content and helping, money comes after.

Adsense performance on weekends

Somebody says that on weekends the quality of ads is rather low as the big spenders stop their campaign and the CTR drops significantly. But others say that a definite increase in their Click Through Rate (CTR) on weekends for their Adsense performance. Most weekends their CTR can pick up to the point where their overall earnings are often as good as their weekday totals despite having significantly less traffic to their sites. Is possible that people surfing the web on weekends are just more relaxed and willing to take their time more and follow the links/ads that you have on the site? Although its reasonable that the CTR may depend on the kind of website and overall traffic. And it depends on the content/market/niche of the site. For example, Techie and Geeky kinds get less weekend traffic. But is it real that big advertisers stop campaign during weekends? I have never noticed that there is an option for me to stop campaign during weekends?

How to make your blogger posts into podcasts!

As you may aware, you actually can listen to my blog posts. You just click the the button at the beginning of each post, and it will read the post to you. It actually does a very good job, and is the best text-to-audio reader I have ever heard, although not perfect, but the best I have heard. I am using Odiogo which converts my posts into podcasts! If you have a blog, I suggest that you sign up to Odiogo and create a podcast automatically out of your posts. If not, you’ll definitely be signing up soon. To sign up to Odiogo is also very easy, you're even not asked to provide anything but your blog feed address and your email, yes, nothing else! Then if your blog feed passed the testing, only two or three click, done, your blogger blog posts has already converted to podcasts! Now you can listen to your posts. Thank to linkbuildingbible for the tips!

Content is king, and traffic is queen.

Content is king, and traffic is queen. Bad content can dramatically affect your websites performance in the search engines, but high quality content can keep readers coming back or please the search engine robots. A popular method of making money is to sell your strengths, your strength will be someone else’s weakness. If you are a good writer you can sell content to the people who are not as fortunate as you when it comes to writing. Likewise, if you are not gifted with writing, you may think about hiring professional to do it for you. It's as simple as that.