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Amazon EC2 Bitnami Wordpress on Ubuntu Server installation Tips

1. How to access your WordPress Blog: After you successfully lauched the instance, use the public DNS or IP address to connect your website: The WordPress default user name is "user" Password is generated randomly, and stored in the system log. You access the log at Actions > Instance Settings > Get system log. After you login to WordPress dashboard, you may change your admin password, or add another user as administrator. 2. Connect to the Ubuntu server. You should note that a public key is required to connect the server, so you'd better generate a new key when you start launching an instance, and download the the .pem file. Putty need a private key to login, you need PuttyGen to generate a private key. Login user name is "bitnami" with the private key. 3. Access to database using phpmyadmin from a browser. The database can only be accessed from localhost,, so you need a open a tunnel to do that. Open a putty new session