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Scan your document with Google Drive App

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note phone, and installed Google Drive App. I can scan my important documents (even a book) into PDF and upload to my Google Drive. Google Drive Scan Google Drive App Scan is a REAL intelligent scan, unlike some apps which just take pictures and convert them into PDF, it can actually recognize text areas, and trim and format your picture to fit into a page nicely and neatly, even though the picture may have a large corner where your fingers holding on! I have some Chinese classic Books, which has a square border to mark the text area, two frames in one page, I just roughly aim my camera at the frame, the scanner only take the picture inside the frame, cutting away the rest along the border. You can get better result to turn on the flash light, the light stays on like that in a scanner, not a click flashing as it does when you take a photo. Google Drive Scan Can Recognize the Text Area and Trim Along the Border For You Nicely

How to Input Phonetic Symbols (IPA) in Google Docs

You can insert special characters by clicking "Insert" on the menu, then click the "Ω Special Characters", the choose "Latin" category from the drop-down menu, and then Phonetics (IPA) sub-category. Insert Special Characters in Google Docs There is a short-cut for inputting some IPA symbols which you use them frequently. Automatic Substitution in Google Docs similar to Auto Correct in MS Word. You can replace common acronyms, misspellings and other symbols. So you can set auto-replace for your IPA symbols, for example, "e<" for "ɛ", "o/" for "ø", "o>" for "ɔ" etc. Automatic Substitutions in Google Docs

How Do I Type Accents on a BlackBerry?

I tried to type letter that has the two dots over u (ü), on US International computer keyboard, you press AltGr + y, but don't know how to type on a Blackberry, and found this article: How Do I Type Accents on a BlackBerry? A Simple Step-By Step Tutorial : " Start out by pressing and holding the letter that you want to type with the accent, such as “a.” After a moment the letter will capitalize itself, but this is ok. Continue holding the letter down, and roll the trackball in any direction. The letter will start to change, and will rotate through all possible variations, including different accents and both uppercase and lowercase letters. " 'via Blog this'

Country-specific domain for Blogspot to enable censorship

Why does my blog redirect to a country-specific URL? (ccTLD) - Blogger Help : "country-specific URL" 'via Blog this' Your blog now has different domain for every country, and an identical copy of your posts for every domain. This is how my blog appears to different visitors from different countries:

"Aw, Snap!" - To create a new user profile

My Chrome Browser crashes a lot, especially when I open Gmail. This article help me to fix it:  "Aw, Snap!" - Google Chrome Help : "If the browser continues to display the "Aw, Snap!" message, your user profile may be corrupted." I find the folder, %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\, but I had small trouble to rename the "default" folder, it says that another program is using one of the files in this folder. But I have closed all windows, and also tried restarting the computer. Then I realized that "System Icons" on the taskbar have a Chrome icon, so I right click the icon and exit program, then the computer let me rename the folder.  Chrome has been snapped so far.