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Tips from Ricardo Prada, a user experience researcher at Google

Tips from Ricardo Prada, a user experience researcher at Google: Tip #1: Design for the tasks that visitors complete on your site. Think about tasks on your website first and layouts second. It's tempting to want a flashy design that exercises your CSS skills, but remember that vistors come to your site with specific goals in mind, like reading your essays, or checking out your collection of sports photos. Write down the top three tasks your users might want to accomplish on your site, and design to make those tasks quick and efficient. Tip #2: Use ads as potential exit paths, not interruptions. Ads should complement your site, not distract from it. The most natural place for a user to evaluate an advertisement is after they've completed their goals on your site. Instead of interrupting your user's main tasks, try to offer ads as potential exit path for users who were probably ready to leave anyway by placing them at the end of completed tasks. Tip #3: SEO - only if

Chrome: Drag out a tab to create new window, is this process irreversible?

Google Chrome has a cool feature that you can drag out tabs to create new window. Suppose you have two tabs opened in your Chrome browser and you want to move out one tab to a new window, just drag the tab out of the main window, and you get a new chrome window with the same page opened. Google chrome tabs are separate windows process and as a result if one tab crashes, it won't affect other tabs! But my mouse is pretty sensitive or my fingers are too clumsy, so when I click on one of my tabs it accidentally drags the tab out, I am NOT happy with it, and wonder if there is a way to restore the newly-generated window back to a tab window. You can drag out a tab to create a window, but as far as I know this process is IRREVERSIBLE, I haven't found a way to "drag" a Chrome window back to a tab. And I wish there is a way to LOCK tabs so I can't drag out a tab to a new window accidentally.