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OCR in Google Docs for Mac Users

I have Epson Slylus Sx205 "3 in 1" printer, which includes free Abbyy Fine Reader Express. But since I lost my PC with Windows Vista and turned to use MacBook Pro laptop, I lost this facility to scan my documents into editable and searchable text by OCR (Optical Character Recognition), though I can scan images from Preview. Now I have to find a free OCR software for Mac, this is not easy. I knew Google Docs can convert text from PDF or image files to Google Docs documents. So after many failed searching, I gave it a try. The result is quite good actually.  Here is how you do it in your Apple Mac machine: Scan document in Preview and save it into PDF format. Upload it in Google Doc, and select conversion options, tick "Convert text from PDF or image files to Google Docs documents." Now you can edit and search the scanned document in Google Docs. Some people say Preview in Mac has OCR functions, as to my experience, it's not the case. Preview can select

Some Adsense placement tips

Some Adsense placement tips: - Top banner above-the-fold (beside the logo) ad placement is the top earning slot. - Placing ad units in the “F pattern” helps them optimize visibility of ads. Eyetracking visualizations show that users often read Web pages in an F-shaped pattern: two horizontal stripes followed by a vertical stripe. - Showing text ads when content on the page is mostly images and image ads when content on the page is text-heavy. This helps make the page look better and improves ad visibility.

Google Affiliate Network Basics

Commission duration Commission duration is the same as "cookie duration." Some advertisers' cookies will remain active on a user's computer for a number of days. This means that once the user clicks through your link, and a cookie is dropped on their computer, they can revisit the advertiser's website any time during the duration of that cookie and make a purchase and you will still be credited with that purchase (as long as they did not click on any other publishers' links after they clicked on yours). When cookie/commission duration is set to zero, it means that the user who clicks through your link must complete a transaction within the same internet session. If they close their browser or return the next day and make a purchase, this purchase will not track to your account. Payment terms Your Google Affiliate Network earnings are paid with your AdSense earnings on the same payout schedule in the same check or direct deposit. If your advertise

Is a Laptop Touchpad Heat Sensitive?

My MacBook Pro display automatically reduces brightness before I finish reading one page, sometimes it returns to its full brightness or even wakes up from sleep before my finger touch the touchpad, i. e. it can sense my "touching" even when it was a couple millimetres above. I wonder if the touchpad is heat sensitive. In an Answerbag post How does a laptop touch pad work? , I learned that "laptop mouse touchpad usually use heat to detect touch. " But some say on a macbook it's not heat, it's conductivity. One guy tested a cold sterling silver ring, it works perfectly even when not in contact with his body. A 50 cent euro coin works, but a stainless steel Ikea fork does not - even if he warm it up and/or hold the fork. But I tried a sterling coin and failed. I couldn't move the mouse by a Pound Sterling.

Location, location, location.

In real estate, they tell you it’s all about location. It’s not so different with internet. The meaning of location of Internet has at least three levels: physical server location; Internet service provider(ISP); and Internet Service Application Provider(ISAP). For many people, their website, FTP, or email service is the lifeblood of their day-to-day operations. Without the right hosting provider, these services can easily be disrupted due to weather, cyberattack or natural disaster. Your hosting server can be a home computer, or company intranet server, or traditional IDC, cloud computing, the physical server locations is quite different, and the service application providers are also divergent. In regard to small Adsense publishers, you can maintain your own blogs or a websites, but to my experience, it far better to write for a large revenue sharing website. Just as you open a shop in a huge shopping centre instead of a place near your neighbourhood. The former can attract f