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Some Top-level Domain(TLD) name you may have never heard of

The Top-level Domain(TLD) name identifies the type of site at which the host machine resides. Some TLD names you main have never heard of: .aero A site associated with the aviation industry .coop A cooperative or cooperative service organization .museum A museum or professionally affiliated personnel .name a non-commercial site associated with a private individual .pro A site associated with a certified professional or professional organization There are many other TLD names identify geographical locations by country, these domain names make URL shortener services available,  such as one from Google is, the TLD gl represents the region name  Greenland. The original set of domain names (.com, .org and .net) quickly became overloaded, and a larger set of TLDs was needed, and a nonprofit organization named ICANN was created in 1998 to expand and manage the domain name system. ICANN reviewed proposals for new TLDs in 2000, and seven new TLDs were approved out of over 180 p

If i have 2 different blogs with adsense do i have to generate $100 on each or both combined - AdSense Help

If i have 2 different blogs with adsense do i have to generate $100 on each or both combined ? Very amusing question indeed. And the answer was really matter of fact. ModestEarner can be a very good teacher if he/she take teacher as his/her professional. he/she says: Presuming you have just the one Adsense account (as you should) its $100 per account. You can have 100 blogs and they could make $1 each and that would also be fine for the $100 threshold.

AdSense dashboard doesn't render on an iPad - AdSense Help

AdSense dashboard doesn't render on an iPad : "On the road, and even at home, I like to log in to check Adsense results and revenue from either an iPad or an iPhone. Are you guys aware that this is currently impossible, at least via the shipping Safari browsers on these two (increasingly popular) devices? When I log in' it does, but then attempts to render the entire frame in a small box, making the dashboard useless on an iPad/iPhone." This is the latest report regarding using Adsense on iPad/iPhone.

Site speed now affects Search rankings

Google is now taking site speed into account in its search rankings. Site speed is just one of over 200 signals used to determine search ranking, and because it's a new signal, it doesn't carry as much weight as the relevance of a page. You can look at Site Performance in Webmaster Tools and try developer tools such as Page Speed, YSlow, and, to learn about speeding up your website.