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TypePad Motion on Google’s App Engine: How to get rid of debug information popup window?

TypePad Motion is a microblogging application for building online communities. It is now one of the many supported applications on Google App Engine. It's easy to install TypePad Motion on GAE, but there is a debug information popup windows, showing something like this: Debug Information Requests: 2 batch / 8 sub TypePad Backend: oak-tp-app005 Total time: 4.4935s Request time: 1.6507s TypePad time: 0.1970s I found this popup window is quite annoying, and don't know how to get rid of it. This popup window sits on the top-left corner, and blocks the site name and logo. This also appear on their demo site.

Wordpress on Windows Azure

Wordpress on Windows Azure : "Wordpress on Windows Azure". When I was searching Wordpress for Microsoft Windows Azure, I came across this demo site. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any documentations on how to setup a Wordpress blog on Windows Azure yet. Windows 7 is a big hit on operating system market, the next big hit from Microsoft is its cloud computing system --Windows Azure. This is the latest operating system designed for developers to write applications in Microsoft's .NET programming language. Unlike programs that require a Windows desktop machine to run, while Azure allows developers to write applications that will run in a browser and communicate with servers in one of Microsoft's massive data centers via the Internet. With WP come on board the Azure platform, many others will definitely follow. But how long shall we wait for another ready-made popular web application free for use?

How to add Google Adsense in Google Buzz

I saw Google Adsense ads in some Google Buzz posts, and many people asked how could that guy do it. Actually, this is very easy. Google Buzz can read automatically from Google reader shared items, RSS feeds, etc. If you have already enabled Adsense for you blog (e.g. by Feedburner) with full post view, then when you share your post(s) from Google Reader or any other RSS reader, your Adsense ads will appear in Buzz! Then if you have many thousands of followers, you can imagine what the page impressions will be! But I don't know if this will violate Adsense Terms and Conditions. This can also apply to other ads networks for the any Web page.