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The reason of low CTR

One guy has 32 sites and all AdSense are visible on over 100,000 indexed pages, but he just make $3.99 on average per day. so he was quite confused and suspected that if Adsense is not paying him full for clicks.

But we normally don't believe that Google is ripping us off. There are many reasons, of them is language problems. I use both Chinese and English, I earned very much less from my Chinese sites, because advertiser sources is much less than publisher, keyword relevant is quite poor, same ads may display on many sites. people get used to those ads, and never clicks. There is a Chinese proverb expresses this situation, that is "Too many monks, not enough rice porridge."

Another reason maybe that the web pages are not html but user generated php+Mysql discussion forums. This may cause poor relevant ads displayed.

So most general reason that visitors don't click on ads are 1) ads are not relevant to their interests 2) ads are not related to the content or theme of the site, 3) ads are not easily seen by visitors, 4) visitors are mostly repeat visitors who are "ad blind", 5) content is totally satisfying to visitors such that they have no reason to click ads.


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