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Wikiwig installation problem: http vs https

I installed wikiwig, and I went through setup and it said it was all ready to go. Then I went to index page, everything looks fine.

But when I tried to click "admin" button, nothing responded. Because the browser saved the password, I was kept login, noway to logout. So I changed browser, it shows guest instead of admin. But when I click guest, nothing happened, either.

I thought it might be the problem of login security check, use https method instead of http, but the free web hosting server doesn't support https, this caused the problem.

I deleted the folder and cleared up the database, reinstalled the wikiwig, configure as follow:

New User Approval: Admin
Captcha: phpCaptcha
Mail Server Setup: None

If your server doesn't support https, it's very important change HTTP to HTTPS, default was HTTPS.

My wiki is up and running now :-)


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