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Monetise Your Video on Youtube

I received an email invitation from YouTube recently, it says:
Your YouTube account might be eligible to earn revenue from the playbacks of your videos.
If your account is enabled, we may place ads next to the videos that you submit for monetisation. You will earn a share of the revenue from the ads, as long as you meet the programme requirements.
I have tried to apply for Youtube partner several times without success, because my videos don't "appear to be viewed by thousands". Now several videos reach or over thousands views.

While I am trying to figure out monetising, I notice some interesting copyright issues: 

Your video has to be 100% original, and you have to declare the ownership of the copyright, which include audio or musics. 

You can't monetise video: 
  •  in Creative Commons Licence, or
  • created by Youtube Editor or Youtube partners such as GoAnimate!, One True Media, Xtranormal Movie Maker, or Stupeflix Video Maker, this happens to free version, I didn't try paid version,
  • or includes music by AudioSwap.
Monetise button appear below every video files, and you have to do it one by one. As soon as you monetise a video, you can't change copyright from Standard Youtube Licence to Creative Commons Attribution licence, the radio button turns to grey. Although the monetise button appears under CC licence, and you monetise it, but ads won't appear when you playback.

Another discovery is a subtitle tool which add or subtract an offset to or from the timings specified within an .srt file. The one and only for Windows is SubtitleOffsetter, and it's a command line tool. I download a long film and its subtitle file, and split the long film into several parts, and upload to Youtube with subtitle file. The video and the subtitle can sync for the first part, but the rest won't sync, all you have to do is subtract time of the previous part(s) in milliseconds and save the caption file to a new file, and upload it.


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