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Adsense revenue sharing among peers

The invention of modern printing technology have benefited us more than one hundred years of book and newspaper publication businesses. Now with the computer and Internet, a new era has come, people publish their works online by themselves or on an affiliate website, and earn royalty.

I have joined two of these website, one is, another one is an forum, but I have never got any earnings whatsoever, even have no Adsense impressions shown up. Currently Hubpage is my only affiliate website, till now I am quite happy with it's revenue sharing scheme. In, we can have three affiliate account, AdSense, Amazon, and eBay. Hubpage takes 40 percent of AdSense impression, 40 percent is quite a big share, but it pays, because with hubpage you don't need to worry about traffic due to fast indexing by Google and be widely read by peer hubpage authors. with hubpage you just keep writing, and publish your work online with easy, none techie-tools, no website maintenance jobs whatsoever; The best things is that you can earn ongoing royalty of your work, that means earning will be accumulated, and long lasting. You might imagine, 70 years? According to the UK copyright laws, authors has copyrights for 70 years after his/her death. How about Internet publishing? Is that possible? Will Google AdSense continue to survive as long as one hundred years? Will Google be replaced or just disappeared? Will survive 100 years? If so, my children can inherit what I have published on the Internet.

As personal, freelance writer, you may want to self-publish your works online, you can enjoy all revenues generated from you website, but in the meantime, you have to worry about the traffic, the website maintenance, and everything. The most embarrassing thing is , no one will visit your website/blog and read your articles.

I tried to install an Adsense Revenue sharing plug-in in Wordpress, all your friends joined into the scheme with similar contributions, and equal right of revenue sharing. One of easiest and free AdSense revenue sharing plug-in for Wordpress is written by Maiq, this plug-in equally divide hits among all peers. If you share with another one, 50 per cent each; if you share with another two people, about 33 percent each, and so on.

You may think that more people join into the scheme, less share you may have. Quite contrary, because more people can bring more articles and more traffics, so every one has his/her own 100 percent share, even more. Because in this case, 1 plus 1 more than 2!

Here is the demonstrate site, if you guys are interested in the experiment, we may have a go.


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