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What is Niche?

I am quite confused sometimes by the cool (or hot?) word "niche", such as in this statement: "Chasing a niche based on the value of a keyword is no fun at first and fruitless in the end. " So, what is niche?

Niche, from the Latin word for "nest," means much the same thing in science as it does in ordinary speech.

The term "niche" was first used by ecologists to describe a species' position and use of resources within its environment, in other words, a position or role taken by a kind of organism within its community. Such a position may be occupied by different organisms in different localities, e.g., antelopes in Africa and kangaroos in Australia.

When used in business the term implies a situation or an activity perfectly suited to a person or a given type of personality. In this respect, smart enterpreneurs may emphasize the effective (yet underutilized) marketing strategy of targeting an industry niche. They think that marketing narrowly is more, by focusing on a small segment of the market, they won't forego opportunities with the broader market.

This concept has been extended from persons to products on the market. Whereas a niche in the strict sense can be a working position or an area suited to a person who occupies it, the market niche is perfectly suited for a product of human labour. Your niche is your comfort zone, a familiar place where you can make a decent living, such as: he is now a partner at a leading law firm and feels he has found his niche.

When used in Adsense publishing, briefly speaking, niche is the topic of a website or blog. if I create a site on CARS, my niche is "Cars". The topic of this blog dedicates on adsense, my Niche is "Adsense". So, Niche is nothing but the "topic".


Anonymous said…
Niche is hot word these days. Thanks for posting this blog.
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