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URL cannot contain a Google host

Google just opened up Knol to the public. Knol is also serving up AdSense advertising on the site. Authors on Knol can enter their AdSense data into Knol, and will get the regular AdSense payout for every click on an ad. This seems like a smart way to reward users who write the best (or most popular) content, while still making money for Google, because the cut Google already takes from the advertising through AdSense anyway.

Currently, I don't know how may we track ads performance on knol, I tried to add an URL channel, and got error message:

"" at line 1 invalid: URL cannot contain a Google host.

Has anybody any idea of how to do it?


Anonymous said…
I'm getting the same error message for

That's only when I ADD url to the list.
Gnanz said…
yeah, me too getting the same error message.

i got this when i try to create adsense account for my blog url
Jim Sheng said…
This only happened to me when I tried to add,which include hostname google, but not happened to me with, I had this blog address added as url channels without problems.
bb99 said…
I'm getting this error for host, there is no problem with my blogs at ( or with my pages hosted on

Therefore I tried to create custom channel for IP which is returned for ( command line "ping" ). I didn't get any result for this, will see what will happen...
Jim Sheng said…
Crazy good idea. Please report your result.
bb99 said…
unfortunately, there is no hit from this channel today, maybe there will appear something in next few days.

Does anyone have something about this?

The fact is that I have tracked all of my adsense resources except Knol + I have several hits which are not tracked, so they must come from Knol.
Another fact is that if you paste IP into browser, you are redirected into Google homepage, not into Knol, so I'm not sure if it's right way of tracking.
is good artikel for ads
Jim Sheng said…
Now I can add as a URL channel, and successfully tracked its performing.
bb99 said…
thanks, I tried this and I am able to track and as well

will see if it really works in a few days
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arrowtricks said…
I'm also facing the issue how to fix it.

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