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Squidoo and Adsense

Many people mention squidoo, and some of them compare squidoo with hubpages, I have an account on hubpages, and set up my Adsense ID in my hubpages profile along with Kontera, Amazon and eBay. I tried to sign up an account with squidoo, and started to create a lens, but I couldn't find anywhere to insert my Adsense ID.

And I found out that actually you couldn't use your Adsense ID on squidoo! Squidoo uses theirs and then when the ads are clicked on your lenses, you get your share from squidoo.

Adsense revenue is calculated like this: All revenue is dropped in one big pool. 45% is subtracted for Squidoo operations, 5% goes to Squidoo charity. That leaves 50% in the pool for lensmasters (owners of lenses). That pool is then divided according to an algorithm.

This is quite funny, and you will find more on this if earning loyalty is your main concern.

And if you haven't got your own Adsense account or for some reasons banned by Google, it's a good way to publish and earn through Squidoo.


Anonymous said…
Good post.
We have a pretty good comparison of Squidoo and Hubpages over on our blog that covers a couple of interesting and useful points.

Thanks again for the info.
Anonymous said…
Good info about squidoo.
It is kindof fishy the way Squidoo does their adsense integration. I love that in hubpages you can put your own code in and trak things from your own adsense account!
Jim Sheng said…
I am with you. But if people get banned by Google or due to some other reasons they haven't got an Adsense account, the Squidoo might be a good alternative.
blogger laptop said…
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thanks :)

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Latestrooms said…
yes it all seems a bit sided towards squidoo to me - is it possible to make money using these pages I wonder?
Brian said…
I have just recently found out also that the 50% left for the lensmasters is divided up amongst the top 85,000 lenses. So, if your lens isn't in the top 85,000...and earns money through don't see a dime.

Not sure that's exactly fair.
Brian said…
I'm not sure if my first comment went through cause there was no word verification below.

Anyhow, my comment was that I have recently found also that the 50% of the adsense funds that is divided amongst the lensmasters is only divided among those whose lenses are in the top 85,000. So, if your lense is higher thatn 85,000 and is earning won't see a dime.

Not sure that's entirely fair. I can't seem to find a reason for it.
MCA said…
Yeha, they earn a lot from adsense. This is Squidoo's tactics though. But if you gain some profits from it, then it is a win-win situation.
RadkoAleks said…
Well I did a Squidoo lens about Saudi Arabia. How do I get some money from AdSense? How do I place AdSense in this lens?
Blogger said…
You could be qualified for a complimentary $1,000 Amazon Gift Card.

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