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Chrome: Drag out a tab to create new window, is this process irreversible?

Google Chrome has a cool feature that you can drag out tabs to create new window. Suppose you have two tabs opened in your Chrome browser and you want to move out one tab to a new window, just drag the tab out of the main window, and you get a new chrome window with the same page opened.

Google chrome tabs are separate windows process and as a result if one tab crashes, it won't affect other tabs!

But my mouse is pretty sensitive or my fingers are too clumsy, so when I click on one of my tabs it accidentally drags the tab out, I am NOT happy with it, and wonder if there is a way to restore the newly-generated window back to a tab window. You can drag out a tab to create a window, but as far as I know this process is IRREVERSIBLE, I haven't found a way to "drag" a Chrome window back to a tab.

And I wish there is a way to LOCK tabs so I can't drag out a tab to a new window accidentally.


Mark said…
it's reversible, just drag the tab back amongst the tabs in your existing window.

but i agree with you about the ability to lock tabs from being dragged, i don't think i'm the clumsiest user in the world but every day i'm accidentally dragging tabs instead of switching to them. especially when my laptop is grinding and buffers up my movements!
Jim Sheng said…
Thanks Mark. I pointed my mouse on the blue part of the top bar and tried to drag it back without success.

Actually, you have to drag the tab-head, point the mouse to the white part at up left corner, same place to drag the window out.

I don't know how to describe a window concisely.
Anonymous said…
This is the worst feature of Chrome.... It's so annoying... I wish you could lock all the tabs to prevent this.
Unknown said…
surely the smart folks at google have figured out a way to fix this -- its driving me crazy!
Anonymous said…
its a good feature and I should not have to disable it. And I don't think it's the result of a clumsy user. Since there is no title bar in the Chrome window, I often click on a Tab in the Chrome window (when its sitting behind another window on my desktop) to bring Chrome to the front. I don't click and hold....I just click. HOWEVER, if there is any delay in the click processing (i.e. your processor is churning away on something else for the momement, etc). After clicking and moving the mouse....Chrome "hangs" on to the current Tab and MOVES it! Not good...and frustrating.
Christo said…
2013 and still no solution for this annoying issue?
Jim Sheng said…
I can just drag the window back. What's your version?
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