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Google Chrome update itself without warning

Chrome update itself without warning, but it's not so "silently" and let me keep "using the browser without interruption", because the only thing I can do is just to look at my Good Old Laptop (more than five years), the hard disk indication light flashing, the cooler fan accelerated to it highest speed with squeaky noise, then a window pop up to let me choose "kill" or "wait" the web page in loading.

The updating normally starts shortly after I open chrome, it's quite frustrating to wait for it to finish updating, even worse when I did know this feature. I only found out this after my firewall program asks me if I let Chrome out to the internet because it has been changed.

This is said in the help document that Chrome use GoogleUpdate to check and install browser updates:

When you choose to install Google Chrome, GoogleUpdate is first installed if you don't have it already. It's then used to download Google Chrome and Gears, and install them on your computer. GoogleUpdate is also responsible for checking for browser updates. It does this by using the Windows Task Scheduler to run at periodic intervals. If an update is available, GoogleUpdate silently updates Google Chrome to the newest version so that you can continue using the browser without interruption.

But I can't find GoogleUpdate to change its setting if there is a choice, so I can be warned before an update.


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