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How does Adsense Revenue Splitting Work in DocCash Programe?

Adsense Revenue sharing sites, Hubpage doesn't accept PDFs, and very tough on non-original article, But Docstoc process PDFs and Docs, and it seems not care if documents are original or not.

But one thing remains unclear to me is the Revenue Sharing Modle. In Docstoc's DocCash FAQ:

"The DocCash program pays you for uploading documents. After you join, we'll spit (50/50) the Google AdSense revenue that we earn from the documents you upload to Docstoc."

This makes no sense.

Some people say that they can't just "revenue share" with users - there is no way to actually do this with adsense. They must, instead, be rotating their Google Adsense Code with users who use this service. So technically - its 50% rotation of their pubID with the users pubID.

This is the way that Hubpage is doing it, splitting (40/60) Adsense Impressions between Hubpage and its publisher.

Unless someone tells me different - there is no way to simply allow Google to process all payments etc - unless you are rotating publisher IDs

Somebody say that Docstoc is using the Adsense API, then, they must be doing something more than rotating ID's which doesn't even require an API. Do they have special agreement with Google Adsense?


Unknown said…
Hello my adsense account aqquired through docstoc if i used it in blogger it still shares to docstoc?
Jim Sheng said…
No. Blogger and docstoc are different website.
Blogger said…
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