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Adsense not showing up in Chrome

I have searched for an answer, but in vain. There are many reports about Adsense ads not showing up in different browsers, in my case it's Chrome.

I implement adsense code within iframe tag, but this seems not a problem, because I build an experimental pages both with and without iframe (or together in one page), Chrome displays both correctly.

My website is built on Microsoft Office Live for small business, its free hosting, a lot of restrictions. for example it will append a 'defer=defer' attribute to the adsense code.


AcornNet said…
YOu have installed addblocker on chrome. this is why its not showing. change the settings of ad blocker to exclude your domain
Jim Sheng said…
Hi, I don't know if I have installed adblocker, there's no problem to display ads on other sites.
Anonymous said…
In my case that was the issue. Look for the wrench icon on top right, then Options.
Start searching within Options (top left search field) typing "ad". Look into search results for "Adblock Plus" or similar. That is the plugin to configure.
Follow its Options link, and go to its "Allowed Domains" tab. Add there each domain where ads should be visibile (www.something.bla).
Blogger said…
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