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Xomba: "Xomba is sort of halfway between Squidoo & Helium with the potential of making money by revenue sharing with Google Adsense ads.  "

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I got this email after submitting my registering form at Xomba:

Thank you for registering at Xomba. Your application for an account is
currently pending approval.
To join Xomba please follow these steps.

1. Reply to this email with the username you created.
2. Please let us know what subjects you plan to write about.
3. Please copy your first article in your email.
If you are approved, we will contact you with instructions on how to log into
your account.

--  Xomba team


Mark L. said…
How long did it take to get approved? I have been waiting forever. I have been with HubPages for awhile and have had great success with them. The site is easy to use, and support is great. I'm starting to question Xomba. If you want to know more about HubPages go here:
Blogger said…
If you are looking for a good contextual ad network, I suggest you check out Chitika.
Blogger said…
Discover how 1,000's of individuals like YOU are making a LIVING from home and are living their dreams right NOW.

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