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Ubuntu 12.04: Flash player settings problem solved

Updated Unbuntu 11.10 to 12.04 LTS, and am very glad to find that the Flash player settings dialog unclickable problem solved.

Before Ubuntu 12.04, each time I connected to a site with flash apps, such as Youtube "Record video from webcam", that want to access the the webcam or microphone,  the Adobe Flash Player Settings dialog freezes, allow/deny buttons are unclickable.

I tried to find a solution for that, but gave up at last , because all those suggestions seemed to be useless. I have faith in Ubuntu, I thought to myself, this problem will be solved at the next release. I am sure of that. ^_*


Unknown said…
Not fixed for me...
msameth said…
not fixed for me either - any suggestions?
Jim Sheng said…
Now I have a new problem. When my daughters are playing some flash games, the whole screen freezes, and beeps very loud, the only way is to power down the computer, and restart.

I don't know if it's caused by some virus or the problem of the Adobe Flash Player.
sojourner said…
This website ACTUALLY helped:

I couldn't record sound on, and now I can.
Blogger said…
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